In today’s tip-centric service society, do you tip Uber drivers?

This is a common query.

By now, everyone living in a major city is already used to getting around via Uber, the ridesharing service where private car owners use their cars to provide convenient transportation services to the public.

They are the most popular of all the car-sharing services at the moment.

Do You Tip UBER Drivers

There is still confusion whether passengers should tip the drivers, and if so, how considering that this is a cashless service.

This post is structured to satisfy your concerns regarding this matter.

Policy on UBER Tipping

On its website, they advise passengers to tip the driver if they decide they would like to, and the driver will be obliged to accept.


They do not offer its customers any option to add an amount to the fare as a tip to the driver.

Therefore, while the billing app does not include the option to add a tip, they do allow you to tip the driver in a different way.

So HOW do you tip Uber drivers?

With cash, of course!

UBER Driver Tips

How much they earn from fares and tips largely depends on where they live, how many hours they drive, and the type of ride service they offer.

Whenever a driver picks up a rider, the fare is calculated based on the distance of the ride and the time the ride takes.

Uber takes a 25 percent commission out of the fare charged and the driver will get the rest.

And for tips?

The amount that a driver makes from customer tips, typically paid in cash, is for the driver to keep.

Uber does not charge a commission on this income.

Does UBER Include the Tip?

Uber’s payment process works very well for the company.

However, it has locked out the popular tipping tradition that taxi drivers have depended on for the greater part of their incomes in the past.

Because the company strives to offer a cashless ridesharing systems, passengers do not need to have money with them to use ridesharing.

The Uber app does not have the option for the passenger to tip the driver with the payment method used to pay the fare.

UBER Tipping Etiquette

Uber drivers, just like taxi drivers, waitresses, and valets, deserve a tip when they offer you a service beyond reproach.

We need these people in our day-to-day lives.

As a passenger, when planning your trips and errands, be sure to set a little cash aside to tip the drivers.

UBER Tipping Etiquette

How much you should tip is entirely up to you.

Some guidelines?

The distance and duration of the ride, how much you enjoyed the ride, the culture of the city you live in, and of course your budget should all be deciding factors.

As of late, Uber notifies passengers that tips are not included in the fare and drivers may pin a sign in the car that they receive tips and how.

Drivers who ask for a gratuity from the passengers do not violate any company policies.

Do You Tip UBER Drivers?

In the U.S. showing monetary appreciation for services received is pretty customary.

This explains why we have made it a tradition to tip our hair stylists, food delivery people, and taxi drivers.

Uber drivers say that tipping them is a great way to help them subsidize the amount they make from fares, which can sometimes be quite low during slow times.

Without tips?

Many say they struggle to make a fair living.

Tipping a driver is also a sure way to earn better passenger reviews on the Uber app.

This means that more drivers will be willing to drive you over passengers with low ratings.

Some drivers only give passengers 5-star rating if they tip them and only four if they are nice but leave no tip.

Pro Tip:  Keep in mind, drivers have to pay for their own expenses, so their hourly rate takes quite a hit.  Tips, while a small amount for you, can add up quickly for a driver and make a big difference in overall income.

UBER Tip Sign

There has been a lot of confusion on the side of the passengers as far as Uber’s tipping policy goes.

Because the company did not include the option to add a tip to the fare, most passengers often assume that the fare includes a tip.

Despite pleas from drivers…

…the company chose not to come up with an official tipping policy.

This forced many drivers to have to remind the passengers that the final price charged does not include a tip.

When you take an Uber ride, it is not uncommon to see a sign on the headrests informing the passengers that the driver accepts tips in cash.

What do they say?

These now-popular signs read typically read: ‘Tips are not mandatory but they are appreciated’.

How Tipping on UBER Works

The best way to tip is by using cash.

Most seasoned Uber riders have made it a habit to keep some change in cash whenever they intend to request a ride because they need the money for tips.

Until the company changes its policy and introduces a way for the passenger to add a tip to the fare via the app?

The most popular way to show gratitude to the driver is by giving cash tips.

UBER Tipping Q&A

UBER Tipping Q&A

Does my decision whether to tip or not to tip an Uber driver affect my passenger rating?

Some drivers leave bad ratings for passengers who do not tip. Although there is no way to tip a driver right on the Uber app, if you wish to tip, you can do so in cash. Some drivers have tablets or iPads set up in their cars to make it easy for passengers to leave them tips using electronic payment systems.

I noticed that Uber included a ‘Service Charge’ in my fare bill. Do I need to pay a tip if I am already charged this fee?

The service charge that Uber billed you is not a gratuity for the driver. That is often a fee that they will deduct from the amount the driver will get. Uber drivers earn by the hour and they depend on tips to complement their hourly earnings just the way taxi drivers do. If you wish to tip the driver for the service received, the amount will come from outside the fare total.