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Drop App Invite Code 2020 Guide

Drop is an amazing new service that gives you points you may convert into cash when you use Lyft or Uber.

But Drop is way more than that!

You can save money on a lot of different stores like Amazon, Starbucks, Grubhub, etc.

When you use a drop invite code you’ll get $5 (5,000 points) added to your account.

The best part about drop is that once you have it all set up it goes to work for you without you doing anything more.

Basically, you download the drop app then add the same debit/credit card you use with Lyft and Uber and you automatically get cash rewards.

???? Quick Steps to Get 5,000 ($5) Drop Points Now

Want the fastest way to get invite code for the Drop app?
Use the Drop app to get points for taking Uber or Lyft rides.
Note:  This works for new or existing Lyft and Uber users.

  1. Copy this invite code: k10vq
  2. Download the Drop App (no cost, completely free)
  3. Add your debit/credit card to the Drop app
  4. Enter the code into the Drop app and get $5 in points

You don’t need to request a ride through the drop app or do anything else to keep getting the reward points.

Lyft and Uber are called “power offers” in the drop app.

Simply setup the app once with a drop invite code and you are good to go.

It only takes a couple of minutes so why not?

How does the drop app work?

When you are charged for Uber or Lyft the drop app will automatically reward you with points you can turn into real cash.

When you combine the Freebird app and the Drop app you’re getting a lot of cash rewards for using the service.

Start saving more money on every ride you take with Lyft or Uber.

Once you have both the Freebird and Drop app setup you can request your rides through the Freebird app and still get the rewards with Drop as well!

In order to qualify for this offer, you must follow the instructions below.

How to setup the Drop App with an Invite Code

  1. Copy the drop invite code: k10vq
  2. download/install the drop app
  3. Open the drop app and complete the signup process
  4. Signup with either your Facebook account for quick registration or your email address
  5. Enter the code
  6. Enter your birthdate
  7. Enable notifications or skip
  8. Select your power offers: Lyft and Uber are on this list
  9. Link/Add the same debit/credit card you use with Lyft and Uber (make sure you do this step the get the rewards)
  10. Check your email for “Nearly there, confirm your Drop account” and click the email link to confirm your email address

That’s it!

Now all you do is sit back and keep using Uber or Lyft like you usually do and get points that convert into cash.

Want to share you invite code with someone else and get another $5? Check out how to invite others here.