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Why the Fast Growth in Popularity?

A good product that solves a certain problem in society will definitely sell. Lyft, a Transportation Network Company (TNC), is exactly that type of solution.  People have embraced it due to its affordability as compared to taxis/cabs. The fact that you can book a ride from your smartphone makes the product easy to use and convenient. The app is surprisingly easy to install and understand, and there is a customer care support team that is ready to assist you whenever you should need it ([email protected]).


In addition, they have three products that passengers can choose from depending on their specific travel needs at the time. The three products offer travel flexibility, and the services offered by these drivers are top notch. The drivers are friendly and welcoming, with the experience similar to being in a friend’s vehicle. They aim at making the customer feel at home and enjoy the ride. Moreover, customers love the fact that their opinion is taken seriously.  The rating system gives the customer the ability to speak up after a particularly positive or negative experience, and also the power to decide the drivers they want to ride with again.

Find out what makes Lyft the best ridesharing service in the transportation industry.