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Freebird Promo Code 2019 Guide

Freebird is changing the way people use rideshare services.

Taking Uber or Lyft rides without using Freebird?

You’re leaving free money on the table.

Change the way you ride, and take your first Freebird today.

The app has made it fun again to request a ride and get cash rewards in return.

By utilizing the  Freebird promo code: GEM  you can lock in savings on a few Lyft or Uber rides.

Even after the savings on your first couples rides dries up you’ll be able to earn reward points on each ride you take.

These points are redeemable for REAL cash you can deposit into your debit card at any time.

Where are the Promo Codes?

The Freebird promo codes for 2019 are just a short scroll down.

Pro Tip:  We have done a lot of research into what the best codes are and how to get the best cash rewards for using this service. 
IMPORTANT: This really works and you will get a total of $30+ in cash.  When you combine a Lyft code and Freebird invite code you could get up to $80+ in cash for taking rides. With Uber, you’ll have the chance for up to $60+ in savings Read on to find out more.
BONUS:  Want automatic discounts on all Uber and Lyft rides?  Yeah!  I mean who doesn’t right?  After you’re done with this Freebird guide double up on your Uber and Lyft discounts with the Drop App guide.  When you combine the Freebird App & Drop App you’ll be saving a ton of cash on every single ride you take.

How the Freebird App Works

Freebird Promo Code 2019 Guide 1 - freebird promo code 2019

The Freebird app connects you to your favorite rideshare apps such as Lyft or Uber.

With Freebird, you’ll request your ride and the Lyft or Uber will open up to contact your driver.

Earn cash-back or points (that turn into cash) on all Uber or Lyft rides that you order through the Freebird app.

It’s more than just a rewards app.  It’s your new way to ride.

Not a lot of people know about this amazing new opportunity for rideshare passengers.

Freebird is not just a bars & restaurants app.

Freebird goes anywhere Uber or Lyft will take you.

Just tap the search bar, enter the address, and tap on the destination below.

You’ll earn reward points on each ride.

No matter if you are a new user to the Freebird app or an existing user we have promo codes for both.

Freebird has excellent support so if you run into an issue with anything they are more than willing to help out.

When ordering a ride through the Freebird app, the only costs you’ll be charged are from Uber and Lyft.

Freebird’s mission is to help you save money on rideshares.

How Rewards Points Work


Jump on board the Freebird app and start racking up some solid rewards for taking rides.

Get cash-back from select bars & restaurants, plus rides home.

Get Rewards for Taking Rides

By requesting your rides in this order you will be able to earn reward points that convert into cash.

The cash reward points add up fast and the cashouts are easy and quick.

Freebird Promo Code 2019 Guide 4 - freebird promo code 2019

You’ll earn 250 points for each regular ride you take.

Occasionally Freebird will email you with special promotions.

Happy hour points are one limited time promotion that they run during happy hour and you can get bonus points for rides during that time.

There are many other ways to earn points that we will detail below.

When you reach 5,000 points you’ll be able to cash out for $10.

It’s that simple.

Just keep taking points rides, and participating in bonus points promotions, and you’ll be cashing out in no time.

Nearby Cash-Back Offers at Local Businesses

There are many rewards available that reward you bonus cash or points for taking a ride to their establishment.

Many bar and restaurant owners team up with Freebird to offer special cash-back deals when you take a ride to their location and make a purchase.

Freebird Promo Code 2019 Guide 6 - freebird promo code 2019

These deals just make it that much more compelling to use the Freebird app.

Sponsored Brand Promotions

Freebird teams up with different brands like Don Julio to bring new and existing users awesome ways to unlock for savings for requesting rides.

At the moment, Don Julio is offering bonus points for getting a ride home safe with Uber or Lyft.

All you need to do is click the promo card (shown below) and enter your home address and you’ll get the bonus points.


You can see these promotions on the main screen of the app when you open it.

Keep a look out for these deals each time you open the app.

How Does the Freebird Promo Code Work?

When you use the Freebird app to request your rideshare you’ll get awesome rewards.

When you use the promo code listed below you’ll get discounts on every rides you take with Freebird rides app.

Freebird Promo Code 2019 Guide 9 - freebird promo code 2019

Once you enter the Freebird promo code the discount cash back will automatically be added to your account.

You can verify the codes have been added to your account with detailed step-by-step instructions below.

Make sure you take your first Freebird ride within 14 days to avoid promo expiration.

Each promotion will have an expiration date listed in the app.

Freebird Coupons Work for Existing Lyft and Uber Users

Freebird Promo Code 2019 Guide 11 - freebird promo code 2019

Step 1 of 2 – Use a Lyft or Uber Promo Code First

If you are new to either the Lyft or Uber app now is the time to cash in on a new user promo code.

Are you an existing user for Lyft and Uber?  Already used that new user promo code?  Go to STEP 2.

We highly recommend the Lyft promo code because you can get up to $50 in coupon ride credit.

This credit amount may vary based on your location and you only get $30 or $20 in credit.

If you want to lock in that discount on your first ride then use  Lyft code: GEM  for up to $50 in ride credit.

With Uber you may claim up to $30 in ride credit for new users.

Use  Uber code: UBERAMEX  for $30

If you are an existing user for Lyft or Uber no worries!

The Freebird promo codes work for existing users too!

Step 2 of 2 – Use this Freebird Promo Code & Bonus for $30+ Cash

It’s easy to start using the Freebird app when you request Lyft and Uber rides.

Just make sure you enter the codes in the correct order listed to unlock the savings.

Freebird Promo Code 2019 Guide 13 - freebird promo code 2019

So why not start making it fun to request rides and get some cash back in the process?

Follow the step-by-step detailed instructions below to get started.

How to Setup the Freebird App & Get $30+ Cash

  1. Download the Freebird app for iOS in the App Store (Apple) or Android in the Play Store (Samsung, Google, LG, & Huawei, etc.)
  2. Open the Freebird app
  3. Click “Enable Location” button
  4. Now, click the “Let’s Ride with Lyft” button to link your Lyft account
  5. Next, login to your Lyft account
  6. Now click the “Profile” button in the bottom left
  7. Next, click “Promo Codes” from the menu
  8. First, enter  Freebird promo code “GEM”  to get $10 cash back ($5 off each of your next 2 rides)
  9. Bonus Cash: Freebird will start emailing you additional promo codes after you signup.  In my first couple of weeks, I had $25 in cash promotions and additional bonus points.  Take a look at the Freebird checklist below for $20+ more in Freebird cash
  10.  IMPORTANT:   Take your first ride by requesting a Lyft in the Freebird app within 14 days so the promotion does not expire.  Honestly, this step is the one that everyone messes up.  Don’t wait around and end up forgetting.  Take your ride right now and lock in that savings.
  11. Now it’s time to double up on your savings!  Now that you have the Freebird app all setup you should combine the Freebird app with the Drop app to maximize your savings on Lyft and Uber.  The best part?  It’s free and super simple to setup!  Plus, it automatically gives you discounts on rides once its all setup and you don’t have to do anything further to keep getting discounts on your rides.  Check out our guide to the Drop App and stop paying full price on Uber or Lyft.

Verify the Freebird Promo Codes Worked

You may verify the first “GEM” promo is applied to your account with the step-by-step instructions below.

  1. Click the “Profile” button in the bottom left
  2. Select “History” from the menu
  3. Now you may see the “Referral bonus pending” promotion is applied.
  4. Check the second promo code with the instructions below
IMPORTANT: Don't Miss This Part

You MUST request your rides for Lyft/Uber in the Freebird app to qualify for the cash back discount. Do not request rides in the Lyft/Uber app if you want the discount to work properly.  That also goes for all future rides if you want to keep getting cash rewards on every ride from now on.  Once you request a ride in the Freebird app it will open in either Lyft or Uber depending on which rideshare app you have setup.  You can easily switch between the two apps depending on which one you want to use for that ride.

How to Request a Lyft/Uber ride in the Freebird App

  1. Open the Freebird App
  2. Click the “Seach for any address” field at the top
  3. Enter your destination address/name
  4. Select the address/name of the destination from the list
  5. Select the “Request Lyft/Uber” button at the bottom and the Lyft/Uber app will open
  6. The Lyft/Uber app will ask you to confirm your pick up location.
  7. Click the “Confirm Pickup” button at the bottom.

How to Get Your Cash Back in Your Bank Account

Once you complete your ride you can go back to the Freebird app and see the cash in your account.

If you don’t see the cashback in your Freebird account right away you may need to wait up to 24 hours for the cash to show up.

  1. Click the “Profile” button in the bottom left
  2. Select “Balance and Transfers” from the menu
  3. Make sure you are on the “Cash” tab at the top
  4. Now you may see the cash balance
  5. Click “Cash Out” button at the bottom to have the balance deposited into your debit card.

Checklist: Get $30+ in Cash Rewards

Freebird Promo Code 2019 Guide 15 - freebird promo code 2019

Completing your checklist will put you in the best position to earn rewards with Freebird coupons.

Plus, you’ll earn rewards for each step.

Complete your checklist, use Freebird when requesting all of your ride shares, and watch your rewards pile up.

  1. Take your first two rides to lock in the promo code: GEM savings within 14 days (500 pts + $10 cash)
  2. Add any cards you use to make purchases so that they can verify your purchases from cash offer locations (500 pts)
  3. After you have earned a cash balance, add a debit card to transfer your cash rewards (500 pts)
  4. Take a ride home with the Don Julio promotion (500 points)
  5. Refer a friend to the app and you’ll get referral cash per person – instructions below ($10 per person)
  6. Now you’ll have 2,000 points and once you complete 12 more rides you’ll get another 3,000 points ($10 cash)
  7. Keep an eye out for Freebird emails because they regularly send special promotions for additional cash offers

If you need additional help beyond our guide you can contact Freebird support or visit their help center for more information.

Verified Freebird Promo Codes 2019 List

Even if you have used the Uber or Lyft service before, then by all means, you are eligible to receive a Freebird promo code just for downloading the Freebird app and requesting your first ride.

Take a look at our comprehensive list of working coupon promo codes for the Freebird rides app.

Promo CodeCash AmountTermsStatus
GEM$10 Cash$5 cash on each of your next 2 ridesWorking
3TENBACK$30 Cash$10 cash on each of your next 3 ridesNot Working
APR19BONUS$10 Cash$10 cash for one rideNot Working
5FOR5$25 Cash$5 cash on each of your next 5 ridesNot Working
WAM20BAM$10 Cash$5 cash on each of your next 2 ridesNot Working

More ways to Save Big with Freebird

Freebird Promo Code 2019 Guide 17 - freebird promo code 2019

Refer a Friend

If you are going out with some friend’s offer to cover the ride to your destination and ask them to cover it on the way back with by using your referral code.  They’ll Get a discount on the ride and you’ll score a cool $10 in referral cash.  Win-win all around!

To get your bonus cash, share your Freebird invite code with a friend who has never used Freebird.

Get them to install the app and enter your code. If they take their first ride, you’ll get your $10 reward.

Let your friend know they will get $5 off their first and second rides when they enter your code!

How to Find Your Referral Code

To find your personal invite code go here:

  1. Click the “Profile” button located in the bottom left of the Freebird app
  2. Select “Invite & Get Cash” menu option
  3. You may now see your referral code at the bottom

Double up on rewards by using the Lyft or Uber Rewards

Both Lyft and Uber have their own reward systems for being a valued customer.

These reward programs are not as good as the Freebird app but they are a nice little bonus.

To setup the Lyft rewards you’ll need to get an invite from Lyft via email or notification.

Lyft has not yet rolled out a nationwide rewards program yet but it’s coming soon.

You can read more about the Lyft rewards program here:

For Uber rewards, you can get setup right now.

Freebird Promo Code 2019 Guide 19 - freebird promo code 2019

  1. Click the menu button in the top right of the Uber app
  2. Select “Uber Rewards” from the menu
  3. Click “Join for free” at the bottom and “Accept” on the next screen

Why people are loving the Freebird App

Freebird Promo Code 2019 Guide 21 - freebird promo code 2019 Every ride earns cash-back or points that turn into cash, no matter where you go.

Freebird Promo Code 2019 Guide 23 - freebird promo code 2019 Get up to $10 cash-back from select bars, restaurants, and other participating locations.

Freebird Promo Code 2019 Guide 25 - freebird promo code 2019 Enter your home address, and you’ll earn up to $5 or 500 points on rides home.

Freebird Promo Code 2019 Guide 27 - freebird promo code 2019 Search by neighborhood, cuisine, cash-back offers, and more.

What People Are Saying About Freebird

Freebird Promo Code 2019 Guide 29 - freebird promo code 2019

Add the Freebird App Next to the Lyft and Uber App Icon

Simply drag your Freebird app next to Uber and Lyft.

That way, whenever you need a ride, you’ll never miss out on earning cash rewards.

Freebird Promo Code 2019 Guide 31 - freebird promo code 2019

Freebird Promo Code 2019 Guide
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