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How Do Uber Promo Codes Work Exactly?

So, how exactly do these uber promo codes work?

Maybe you’re looking to score a free ride with Uber or use the credit for a later time.

The best, and possibly the only, chance you have is to redeem an Uber promo code.

how do uber promo codes work exactly?

Tell me more!

Promo codes, also called credit, coupon, referral, or discount codes are special codes that Uber customers can redeem to get free and discounted rides.

These codes are available here exclusively and can be redeemed for up to $15 off the fare price depending on the city.

Using Uber Credit for More Than One Ride

Uber promo codes are one-time use only, meaning that you cannot use a code you have already used in a different ride.


This also means that if the ride you redeem the promo code on does not use up all the credit, you cannot carry the balance over to your next ride.

[one_sixth][wp-svg-icons icon=”info” wrap=”i” size=”48px” color=”#20b4cf”][/one_sixth]Pro Tip:  Most promotions are only available to new customers. However, there is still a way to get additional free ride credit by referring your friends. [/alert-announce]

Using an Uber Free Ride for More Than One Person

While the free Uber ride promo code cannot be used on multiple rides…

It can be used to offer free rides to multiple passengers on the same ride.

Taking an Uber with friends?

You can use the free ride credit to pay for as many of them as it can, but you can only redeem the code for the one ride only.

Where to Use an Uber Coupon

Most Uber promo codes you will come across are for new customers taking their first Uber ride.

The code only works if the passenger has never requested an Uber ride from their account before.

Good news!

It doesn’t matter where you are.

It will work on all Uber services in all areas that Uber operates.

This code can only be used once and only one code can be used per ride.

New User Uber Codes

If you are indeed interested in trying Uber, you’re in the right place.

new user uber code

We’ve compiled a list of the best Uber promo codes out there.

All of our Uber codes are verified and accurate.

Promo CodeCredit AmountTerms & Conditions
UBERAMEX $30 DiscountFirst Ride Only
NEWRIDER25$25 Discount$2.50 off each of your first 10 trips
MGMGRAND2$20 DiscountFirst Ride Only
CIRCUSCIRCUS2$20 DiscountFirst Ride Only
NEWRIDER15$15 Discount$5 off each of your first 3 trips

See our guide to Uber error messages if you run into any error messages while redeeming your code.

Credit from Referring a Friend

Existing Uber users have only two ways to get free rides through Uber promo codes.

They can get special codes for special promotional events that Uber occasionally publishes.


They can refer a new user to the service.

If you are an existing user, you can share your own promo code right from the app.

When a someone downloads the app by clicking your referral link or inputs your code, both you and the new member will get a free ride.

Current Referral Bonus

You receive $20 worth of Uber credit code for each new friend that you refer to Uber.

The amount is credited to your account when the new user takes their first ride.

New users can really rake in the savings here.


They also get a complimentary $20 Uber promo credit when they create an account on the Uber app and use an Uber promo code.

Saving the New User Uber Credit

Want to take an Uber but don’t want to use your credit yet?

save your new user uber credit for later

No worries.

You can reserve it for later use on the app.

You can toggle Apply Credits ON or OFF to change the payment method before or during the trip.

This is particularly useful if you would rather not waste too much credit on a short ride.

Rides Costing More Than the Credit

If your ride costs more than the Uber credit available on the app, your default payment method will be used to offset the balance.

For instance…

If the ride costs $30 and you only have $20 worth of credit, the default payment method will be charged $10.

The available Uber credit is automatically applied first when the account is charged.

Any balance after the credit is used up is charged to the default payment method.

Changing Your Payment Method

One of the best things about Uber is that you can change how you wish to pay before or during the trip.

This, however, does not apply to promo codes which you MUST enter before requesting a ride.

Simply tap the green credit box to view your current payments profile.


Select the payment method you would prefer used for the current and next trip.

Also, take note.

The payment method you select will be charged the difference if the available Uber credit cannot cover the entire cost of the trip.

Types of Rides Offered with a Coupon Code

The new user Uber coupon code only works for passengers who have never requested an Uber ride from their account yet.

A new user can use the code in any country or city that Uber operates in.

Types of Uber Cars

Uber offers many different services represented by different types of cars. They include:

They include:

1) UberBLACK (Black car) – This is an executive or ‘luxury’ service offered by black luxury sedans or SUVs.

These cars charge the highest fare prices but they are commercial registered and insured luxury cars.

2) UberSELECT – A luxury sedan, often a BMW, Mercedes, Audi, or some other high-end vehicle that can seat up to 4 riders.

They feature leather interiors and may be referred to as UberPlus in some markets.

3) UberXL – When you request an UberXL, expect a minivan or SUV that accommodates up to 6 riders.

4) UberX – The least expensive and most popular Uber service, the UberX is typically an everyday car that can seat up to 4 riders.

5) UberTAXI – This requests an everyday taxi with an agreement with Uber.

This means you get a traditional taxi ride but get to pay via the Uber app.

6) UberPOOL – This is a carpool option, driven by an Uber driver.

Basically, you share the ride with someone headed in the same direction and split the cost.

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