In October 2015, Lyft introduced three new incredible programs for drivers.


At the headquarters in San Francisco, Lyft drivers were there to hear and cheer the announcement of Shell, Hertz, and Express Pay perks.

In December, there was an official launch of Lyft’s partnership with Shell to drivers countrywide, and to give an insight into their progress with Hertz and Express Pay.

Shell: Large Savings at the Pump

From December 2015, all Lyft users can enroll in the Fuel Rewards program and start making savings at the gas pump.

Under the “Drive More Earn More” program, driving more on the Lyft platform translates to more savings.

Lyft’s power drivers can earn to the extent of $3/gal – and full free fuel tanks.

Drivers countrywide can save $0.25/gal for the first Fuel Reward fill-up, and the tiered program will be refined to eventually be available nationwide.

There is something for everyone.


You can redeem your rewards just by typing in your Fuel Rewards member’s ID at the shell pump.

If you drive by a Shell station, you may also note some new décor that is not just for the holidays.

There will be Lyft signage featured at over 1,000 Shell stations across the nation, from Seattle to Miami, and almost fifteen other cities in between.

Current vehicle owners filling up at the pump can enjoy fuel savings as well- and a new way of supplementing their current income- by becoming Lyft drivers themselves.

Qualified new drivers can get up to $200 in fuel savings.

Hertz: Cars On-Demand

You do not have to own a vehicle to become a Lyft driver.

The program with Hertz lets people drive with flexibility on the Lyft platform, their car ownership status notwithstanding.

In the last months of 2015, the Hertz program enabled people to give many rides and earn above $150,000 with Lyft.

The Hertz partnership was launched in Las Vegas since September 2015 and Denver since November 2015 and it will expand to more cities this year.

Another alternative is to use the lease a car from Breeze program.

Express Pay: Instant Deposits

Express Pay came to be last year during the holiday season and was allowing drivers to cash out instantly.

After the launch of Express Pay, the response from Lyft drivers was overwhelming.

Many Lyft drivers confess that Express Pay has made a big impact in their lives.

Being the first plus only ridesharing platform to provide instant payouts, Lyft gives drivers the same flexibility over how they get access to their pay as they do with their schedules.

2015 was a great year for Lyft drivers and the platform is dedicated to the continued delivery of trailblazing programs such as Shell, Hertz and Express Pay.

There is more in the pipeline coming for Lyft this year.

Watch out!

If you’re interested in finding out more about what it takes to become a Lyft driver, be sure to check out our comprehensive guide to driving for Lyft.

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