Just in time for a new year, Lyft officially becomes the first rideshare platform to gain clearance to pick up passengers at LAX.

While the service seems to be starting somewhat slowly, the precedent set by other California airports is that it will soon speed up.

In fact, similar airports have reported an increase in revenues since opening up to rideshare services.

The same is expected at LAX.

There are some logistics for both passengers and drivers to get used to, of course.

Lyft drivers can wait for rides in a parking lot east of Sepulveda Blvd.

Passenger pickups can be done at one of six marked curbside spots located on the upper level.

Lyft LAX Airport Map

LAX charges Lyft a flat $4 dropoff/pickup fee, which will be passed on to passengers.

Other than that, we can expect the process and pricing to work just as it does everywhere else.

For a more detailed view of how this will work, check out this video of Lyft drivers at LAX.

To see what the L.A. Times had to say about this big change, check out their article here.

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