There has never been a better time to be a Lyft driver.

New features, better pay, and increased operating areas are making the deal so much sweeter for drivers everywhere.


Now Lyft announces a partnership with Honest Dollar, an investing platform with a reputation for being affordable.

The platform itself was created with independent contractors in mind.

So you’re in good hands!

Benefits include:

Exclusive Discounts for Lyft Drivers

Plans normally cost $8/month.

Lyft drivers will only pay $3/month!


There are no complex fee structures such as with many other retirement plans.

Seamless Transactions

Honest Dollar has a mobile app, which makes everything easier.

This allows you to easily link a bank account.

You can track debits and credits, and even invest on the go!

Financial Education

Honest Dollar offers ongoing financial education.

This allows Lyft drivers to become empowered to make smart investing decisions in the future.

Not a Lyft driver yet?

Wondering if you should give it a try?

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