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The Evolution of Transportation Technology

request a ride Request a Ride Forget about driving and request a stress free ride with Lyft or Uber.
destination Relax & Arrive Track your driver as they arrive and then relax on your way to your destination.
cashless payments Pay with Phone Pay with your phone, not your wallet. Cashless rides are convenient.
what is lyft 800x400 - How to Download & Use the Lyft App | Beginner's Guide

How to Download & Use the Lyft App | Beginner’s Guide

1. Download the Lyft App You’ll need to download the app from the appropriate app store according to the type of smartphone you own. The app is free from both the AppleStore and PlayStore. If you have never downloaded an app from an app store before then now is the time to learn. The simple …

lyft slit payments - Split Lyft Ride Cost with Others

Split Lyft Ride Cost with Others

Technology continues to evolve in the transportation smartphone app sectors, and with such evolution, these apps have brought many conveniences to families and ordinary people like you and me.  Lyft has revealed their latest feature, aptly named Split Payments.  This brand new option will enable you to divvy up the total fare cost between others …

doordash hero 800x400 - DoorDash Promo Code 2020 Guide

DoorDash Promo Code 2020 Guide

DoorDash is a popular food delivery app that connects restaurants and food vendors to customers. Never tried DoorDash before? With a DoorDash promo code, you can save some money on that first order. What makes DoorDash so special? DoorDash has partnered with food vendors that you wouldn’t normally be able to get delivery from. For …

arrival - What to Expect on Your First Ride

What to Expect on Your First Ride

How Lyft ridesharing works Lyft is a user- friendly application that was designed for all age groups. To request a ride, you just tap the big teal colored button. Within minutes, you will be hooked up with a friendly and safe driver from Lyft. After you are assigned a driver, you are able to track their movement …

cars - Why the Fast Growth in Popularity?

Why the Fast Growth in Popularity?

A good product that solves a certain problem in society will definitely sell. Lyft, a Transportation Network Company (TNC), is exactly that type of solution.  People have embraced it due to its affordability as compared to taxis/cabs. The fact that you can book a ride from your smartphone makes the product easy to use and convenient. …

How to Become an UBER Driver Guide

How to Become an Uber Driver in 7 Simple Steps

Finding out how to become an Uber driver comes with a few questions such as… What is an Uber Driver? How do you become an Uber driver? How much do Uber drivers make? Where do I begin to fill out an Uber application? What are the Uber driver requirements? How to use the Uber driver app? All …