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The Evolution of Transportation Technology

request a ride Request a Ride Forget about driving and request a stress free ride with Lyft or Uber.
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cashless payments Pay with Phone Pay with your phone, not your wallet. Cashless rides are convenient.
cars - Why the Fast Growth in Popularity?

Why the Fast Growth in Popularity?

A good product that solves a certain problem in society will definitely sell. Lyft, a Transportation Network Company (TNC), is exactly that type of solution.  People have embraced it due to its affordability as compared to taxis/cabs. The fact that you can book a ride from your smartphone makes the product easy to use and convenient. …

How to Become an UBER Driver Guide

How to Become an UBER Driver in 7 Simple Steps

Finding out how to become an Uber driver comes with a few questions such as… What is an Uber Driver? How do you become an Uber driver? How much do Uber drivers make? Where do I begin to fill out an Uber application? What are the Uber driver requirements? How to use the Uber driver app? All …

benefits of lyft - Top 5 Benefits of Using Lyft

Top 5 Benefits of Using Lyft

Cost Sharing & Low Rates The main benefit of using Lyft Line is the fact that passengers can share the cost of transport. Multiple people going in the same direction are matched up and given one driver, creating a carpool.  They are charged as a team, and they share the cost. This means that transportation …

reliable cost effective - Why Lyft is Better Than a Taxi Cab

Why Lyft is Better Than a Taxi Cab

Likable Company Culture The feeling you get when you take a ride is unique and makes you feel great. The #lyftbumps and pink mustaches may seem a bit silly at first, but they signify a fun and eccentric tradition that triggers a sense of culture to build a community. Moreover, the pink mustaches make the identification …

Zipcar Rates & Plan Prices Guide

Best Zipcar Rates & Plan Prices Guide

Wondering if Zipcar rates really are as competitive as they seem? You aren’t alone. City dwellers and students and faculty of over 500 college and university campuses in the US have a viable and even a more affordable alternative to owning a car for transportation in this revolutionary service. This service is touted as a …