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The Evolution of Transportation Technology

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Uber Taxi: How to Get Started

Uber Taxi has taken off as the primary source of transportation for many people across the United States. Waiting for a traditional taxi that might never arrive when you really need to be somewhere can be incredibly frustrating. It only makes sense a service like Uber has come into the marketplace to satisfy people who …


Uber vs Taxi: Services Compared

Uber vs Taxi companies is a battle that will continue until someone collapses. Uber is a ride-share service that operates in ways similar to a taxi but does have some differences too. Many people are interested in knowing what these differences are and why they should choose one over the other. Here are some examples …

Uber Lyft New Years Eve

Use Uber for New Years’ Eve

Planning on joining in on the festivities this New Years’ Eve? Don’t want to worry about driving? Ridesharing is definitely the way to go, especially with the promo codes below to sweeten the deal. There are so many benefits to using rideshare for this exciting holiday: No need to worry about finding (or paying for) …


Uber Airport Pickup & Drop Off Guide

Pickup & Drop Off Getting picked up or dropped off when using Uber airport ridesharing services is a fast and inexpensive way to commute to and from the airport. Not all airports currently allow rideshare companies to make pick ups or drop offs.  In some cities, rideshare drivers are being ticketed for pick-ups at local …


Uber Referral Program 2020 Guide

Are you trying to figure out how a Uber invite code also known as referral code works? Good!  Here is the scoop… Uber started out as a convenient, more tech-savvy alternative to the traditional problem-ridden taxi service. And Now? It has effectively begun a movement. This ridesharing movement that Uber started is changing the way …

lyft vs uber guide

Lyft vs Uber: The Rivalry

Are you wondering how the top two transportation network companies:  Lyft vs Uber stack up against each other? We break down the two industry-leading services to find out who has the edge in the battle of Lyft versus Uber. Try these ridesharing services out for yourself and see which one is best for you.  Below is …