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how rideshare apps work
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View our comprehensive collection of step-by-step articles about the top peer-to-peer transportation smartphone apps.

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The Future of Transportation

The Rideshare Movement

A rideshare resource guide for all things related to the ultra-popular Transportation Network Company (TNC), Lyft and Uber.

Start of the Rivalry

The rideshare craze – at least, its current form – all started with the launch of Uber in 2009. The summer of 2012 brought about Uber’s main competitor in Lyft.

Finding a ride using either Lyft or Uber is incredibly easy, even for those not as technologically capable as others.

Become a Driver

As a driver in the ridesharing industry, there are different ways you can make a living.

Whether you want to put the pedal to the metal and drive full-time or just pick up a few rides here and there for supplemental income, Lyft drivers have excellent opportunities.

First Ride Discount

Your first ride from Lyft and Uber can be free!  Just use an appropriate promo code to cash in the savings.

 Promotions and coupons are available for codes for existing Uber users as well as codes for existing Lyft users.




Side-By-Side Comparison


The best part is you can get a rideshare in a matter of minutes with just a few taps on your smartphone.  You can feel safer when requesting a ride through a ride app than when traditionally calling a cab. These rideshare apps provide a convenient way to request a ride with fast pickup times and cashless payments.  With the Freebird rides app you can get rewards for taking rides with Uber or Lyft.

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Lyft app – for both passengers as well as drivers – has undergone some redesigns and improvements over the last couple of years and is quite user-friendly.  You can compare price points and arrival times for various ride options, check all of your driver’s info, and easily redeem free ride credit with just a few taps.

Many people who drive for Lyft say they are happier driving for them than the competition.

Uber takes pride in having a more professional, less casual company culture.  They did, after all, begin as a black car service only, and evolved into a rideshare service with multiple options.

Their app has been redesigned and improved over the last few years as well and is heralded now as being very user-friendly and easy to navigate for drivers as well as passengers.

You Are in Good Hands

Rideshare is safe

lyft is safe to use

Nobody’s A Stranger

Your name, photo, and vehicle information appear in the app for easy and safe identification.

Hidden Numbers

Communications between riders and drivers is anonymized to protect your phone number.

Safe Pickups

The apps pinpoint your location so you can request a ride from anywhere and wait safely.