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Guide to UBER Driver Requirements

What kinds of Uber driver requirements are there?

This is a common question among those thinking about driving for rideshare.

You or someone you are considering using your car to drive and make a little cash on the side?


Maybe you hope to join the ‘professional drivers’ club on a full-time basis.

Either way, it is important that you know all the necessary qualifications to weigh your chances of approval.

These requirements vary from city to city and country to country.

UBER Driver Requirements

However, we have combed the Internet and dug up all the vital information you need to know and documents you must have to start driving.

We have summarized this information here, read on to know right away if you have what it takes to become a driver.

General UBER Qualifications

There are quite a number of qualifications that you must meet as a prospective driver to stand a chance of meeting the requirements to drive for Uber.

You must:

  1. Be aged 21 years or older.
  2. Have a three-year driving record in the US or one-year driving record if you are 23 years or older.
  3. Have a valid phone number and an email address.
  4. Possess a valid driving license.
  5. Your vehicle must be a four-door car first registered in 2001 or newer.
  6. It must be in excellent working condition with air conditioning and a working radio.

These considerations are assuming that you will drive your own car as an UberX/XL driver.

Car requirements may vary from state to state.

The company does not accept hatchback type of vehicles.

Document Requirements to Be an UBER Driver

If you meet the legal requirements to be a driver and have the right kind of car, the next step is to check if your paperwork is in order.

What paperwork?

You must have a copy of your in-state driver’s license for the state in which you intend to drive.


You will need to have your social security card for background checks.

You’ll also need copies of vehicle registration, proof of vehicle insurance, and a copy of the vehicle’s safety inspection report.

You must have a valid in-state personal auto insurance with your name on the insurance card.


The car does not need to be registered in your name.

It does need to be registered in-state, though.


Pro Tip:  Uber qualifications and those for Lyft are quite similar.  If you’d like to earn as much as possible, driving for both platforms can be productive.  Not only will you have a better chance of always having a fare in progress, but there are benefits that each company provides to drivers.  You can earn more money as well as perks!


Background Check Requirements for UBER

To be considered for a driving position, every prospective driver must submit to and pass a name-based background check.

What does it check?

The check, also called Checkr, ascertains that you have had none of the following:

  • Drug-related or driving under the influence (DUI) offenses over the past years.
  • History of reckless driving.
  • Fatal accidents.
  • Criminal record.

As mentioned above, you will need your social security card or number to facilitate this background check.

UBER Insurance Requirements

Uber insurance requirements are possibly the most lenient of all their requirements.

The company does not require any specific or special type of insurance to sign up and become a driver.

Remember, though.

This is provided that the vehicle is covered and your name appears on the insurance card.

The platform offers qualifying drivers a commercial insurance coverage of up to $1 million.

Keep in mind…

This is only when en route to a passenger or on a trip; not when driving around or waiting for a pickup request.

They do require that drivers maintain a personal auto insurance that valid for the state in which they drive.

UBER Driver Requirements for Select Services

If you are looking to drive their top-of-the-range luxury cars, there are more requirements that you must meet beyond those of UberX/XL drivers.

UBER Driver Requirements for Select Services

If you already have the right kind of car to be one of these select drivers, first check to see if the service is available in your city.

It’s different everywhere.

You should also confirm that your make and model of car can seat 4 passengers and that it is listed as a higher tier car in your area.

They carry out more comprehensive driving history and criminal background checks of these prospective drivers.

Requirements for UberSELECT

In order to qualify for this upper-tier service, you must not have been found guilty of driving on a revoked, suspended, or invalid license within the past three years.


You must also not have had three minor violations including accidents, normal speeding tickets, or other traffic violations within the same period.

Requirements for UberBLACK

Considering that this is a premium service, it is understandable that the company is more stringent in checking the qualification requirements of a potential driver.

They charge high fares for passengers riding its high-end black luxury sedans.

As such, drivers must meet higher standards and requirements.

And the requirements?

To drive for UberBLACK, you must not have been found guilty of a total of five minor violations or incidents within the past 5 years.

These may include normal speeding tickets, accidents, and other driving violations.

Requirements for UberSUV

This ride type is a premium service that offers the luxury of UberBLACK and the comfort and space of UberXL.

Want to drive for UberSUV?

You must have a CDL or Chauffeur’s license and proof of commercial insurance for your car.

Besides all the other qualifications, you must also produce photos of your vehicle during application including two of the interior and four of the exterior.

Requirements for UberLUX

UberLUX, their premium – and costliest – service requires that a driver has a top-of-the-line premium luxury car.

You must first meet all the standard requirements to become an UberBLACK/SUV driver.

What else?

You must have commercial driving insurance and a TCP permit.

Additionally, you must also have an airport permit to drop off and pick up passengers at your local airport.

UBER Requirements Q&A

If you’d like to start your application, you can do so here.

Still have questions?

Take a peek at some common ones, along with answers.

UBER Requirements Q&A

Can I drive for Uber if I have had DUI in the past?

If you had your DUI charge over 7 years ago and have not had any other traffic violation since then, you can apply to drive.

However, you may not qualify to drive high-end luxury sedans and SUVs.

If I am approved to drive UberXL, will I still be eligible for fares from UberX customers?


When you are a driver for one of the low-tier car types, you will also receive fare requests from passengers looking for UberX and UberXL fares.

You can choose to respond to them or not, though.