As a Uber Driver, new features that make the job easier are always welcome.

Uber is now making it easier for riders and drivers to find each other.

Introducing UberSPOT, a feature that provides color-coded LEDs for the windshields of Uber drivers.

The new feature will be tested in Seattle throughout the month.

How does it work?

After requesting a ride, the rider will then choose one of six colors through the app while waiting for their driver.

The corresponding color will glow from the LED in the windshield of the car upon arrival.

In addition, riders will be able to press and hold the color on their phone to make the screen light up, increasing their visibility for the driver.


What are the benefits for riders?

UberSPOT will make the entire process of requesting a ride more efficient.

The identification process will now be easier and safer.

So whether you’re riding to class or for a night out on the town, you can rest easier with an added level of safety.

As it stands now, what do you do if you aren’t sure which car is your Uber driver?

Knock on the window?

Wave them down?

These color-coded LEDs will make the process easier, quicker, and safer.

What are the benefits for drivers?

Drivers will also benefit from a more efficient pickup process.

This virtually eliminates the problem of picking up the wrong passenger, which currently happens and can be a huge hassle.

Also, the pickup process will be quicker with this new feature because identification will be quicker.

This is great for drivers, because time is money.

You can feel safer as well!

Everyone is happier when the process is more hassle-free.

Keep your eyes peeled for more information on when you may see UberSPOT in your city!

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