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Uber Fare Estimate & Price Rates 2019 Guide

Are you looking for a way to calculate your ride with an Uber fare estimate?

Uber is leading the pack for ridesharing services, and there are a few very good reasons for this.

Uber was the first on the scene in the ridesharing niche, and that has given the company a huge advantage.

There are resources to help Uber drivers and passengers get acquainted with the service.


The safety measures embedded in the service also contributes to its popularity and mounting success.

Uber has carved out a dominant slice of the ridesharing pie.

Below are a few resources passengers and drivers alike can take advantage of to get the most out of the leading rideshare service.

Uber has been taking the taxi cab companies by storm with their innovative take on technology and transportation.

Uber Service Options

Uber is considered one resource, but it comes in a few colors or versions.

There is the main service, which everything branches from.

The main service is a car and the standard rate.

There are four additional variations in particular that define the Uber experience.


UberX is a low-cost alternative to the classic Uber experience.

Passengers can expect a lower rate in exchange for their expected continual patronage.

There are no contracts involved, but UberX is encouraged as a service for repeat customers.

As for drivers, the vehicle must be new (the Terms of Service detail 2005 or newer, but it varies by city).

The service allows up to four passengers.

In some cities, UberX is the same as the classic default Uber service.

Specifically, the city does not have a designation separating the classic service from uberX.


UberSUV has all the standards and expectations of the other Uber variations, including the car’s age.

The difference is, of course, the UberSUV service allows more passengers and includes more room in the SUV.


UberBLACK is a business professional service.

Passengers can expect superior service and professionalism.

The service will provide a luxury vehicle, and drivers are held to a specific dress code.


UberPOP is the European version of UberX, and it carries the same features of its U.S. counterpart.
There are few other variations that are less used.

Uber is clearly dissecting their overall service to fulfill different needs, unlike other competing rideshare brands.

It is a worthwhile strategy that is perpetuating Uber’s growth.

Customers are Getting an Uber Fare Estimate

Uber passengers are not left to guess the cost of their ride.

The Uber Fare Estimator is a popular resource for receiving an Uber Quote.

Users simply input their pick-up location and destination.

The Uber Rates will be provided based on the current data.

It looks at surges, which are times where high-demand increases the price.

There are surge tiers, usually from “times two” to “times four” that multiply the base rate.

A traditional ride will be about $1 per two miles.

Passengers can benefit from an Uber Estimate beforehand to determine the amount of a tip, if necessary.

They can also assess their weekly travel expenses while on vacation or assess the cost of using Uber for an extended period of time.

The best thing yet is that the prices have recently been cut.

Drivers are getting paid less per ride, but that is a blessing in disguise.

Passengers pay less.

Passengers request more rides.

Uber is growing fast, and they are knocking on the front doors of cities that previously denied them access.