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The Ultimate Uber Free Rides and Discounts Guide

Are you ready to stop paying full price on Uber rides? This guide will walk you through 15 of the best ways to grab a free Uber ride and discounts.

If you use rideshare services such as Uber on the regular you are probably looking for ways to save some and get free uber rides and discounts.

For new users, it’s easy to get started with a free ride code.

However, once that new user deal is done you’re left paying full price on rides and that can get expensive quickly.

We’ve done a lot of research to find the best ways to get a free ride and get discounts on future rides for Uber.

Take a look at our comprehensive guide to Uber discounts below and figure out which method works best for you.


How to Get Free Uber Rides

These are tried and true solutions to getting a Uber free ride.

Some of these Uber deals work for new users only and others work for both new and existing customers.

We have listed all 15 ways to get a free Uber ride or discount in the table below.

Every Free Ride & Discount Offer List

We have listed all 15 ways to get a free Uber ride or discount in the table below.

New Uber User DiscountFree Ride CreditUp to $30New Users Only
Freebird AppCash Back & Rewards$10 Cash Back & Rewards on Every RideNew & Existing Users
New Lyft User DiscountFree Ride CreditUp to $50New Users Only, Amount May Vary Based on Location
Uber Offers & SpecialsVariesVariesVaries
Invite a FriendFree Ride Credit$5Friend Gets $2 Off Each of Their First 3 Rides
Drop AppCash Back & RewardsPoints for Every Ride that Convert into CashAutomatically Get Rewards for Rides
Uber Ride PassDiscount & Ride Benefits15% Off All Rides$24.99/month
Uber Discounted Gift CardsDiscountVariesPurchase Up Front Amount
Credit Card RewardsVariesVariesVaries
Uber Student DiscountPercent DiscountNot Available Any MoreMust be student a participating Colleges
Uber Military DiscountVariesVariesUnknown
Uber Business DiscountVariesVariesUnknown
Uber Newsletter EmailsVariesVariesVaries
Uber Rewards ProgramRewards & BenefitsVaries Based on TierPoints for Each Ride Converts into Rewards
Uber CashPercentage Off2-5% OffAdd Funds to Uber Account to Get Discount

For more detailed information about these offers take a look below.

1. Free Uber Ride For First-Time Customers

The Ultimate Uber Free Rides and Discounts Guide 75 -  2019

If you have never used the Uber rideshare app in the past then you’re eligible for a new user free ride.

You can use a promo code to save up to $30 on your ride with Uber. 

We wrote an in-depth guide that has the best codes available for new customers.

2. Freebird Rides App

The Ultimate Uber Free Rides and Discounts Guide 77 -  2019

This one of the best ways to get cash rewards on your Uber or Lyft rides out there.

Not a lot of people know about this insider discount.

It’s super simple to use and right off the bat you could lock in savings of $30+ on rides.

Just follow our step-by-step instructions in the guide to get started.

3. Get a Free Ride with Lyft

The Ultimate Uber Free Rides and Discounts Guide 79 -  2019

Lyft has one of the most compelling new user offers in the rideshare market.

In select cities you could grab up to $50 in ride credit.

Many people have been switching from Uber to Lyft for a variety of reasons.

If you want to see some of the reason people switch check out our Lyft vs Uber comparison.

If you have never used Lyft in the past then go to our Lyft promo code guide and grab yourself a promo code.


4. Uber Offers & Special Deals

Throughout the year Uber has special promotions for various events and holidays.

Occasionally they will have special limited-time offers for new and existing users to cash in on some ride savings.

Some of these events and holidays include, St. Patrick’s Day, Election Day, New Years Eve, Superbowl Sunday, Mothers Day, etc.

5. Invite a Friend or Share a Ride

Uber Referral Code Program

By inviting a friend or family member that has never used Uber before you can get $5 ride credit towards your next ride. 

It’s pretty easy to find a friend or member of your family that has not tried the service. 

You can refer this person within the Uber app.

Take a peak at our comprehensive guide to Uber referral codes.

How to Get Free Uber Rides

There are so many ways to get a free uber ride that we had to do some serious research into which deals were really legit.

We have 10 different verified ways that you can get cash back or rides for free with Uber.

Look through are different offers below and start saving big with the Uber app.

1. Drop App: Automatically Save On Uber Rides

The drop app has been making headlines everywhere with their stellar concept. 

You save money on everyday spending just for setting up the drop app. 

Once you add the Uber and Lyft power offers you’ll start saving automatically.

The Ultimate Uber Free Rides and Discounts Guide 84 -  2019

You don’t need to do anything further once the app is all setup.

You just sit back and get Uber rides like usual and watch the savings poor in.

Take a peak at our Drop App Invite Code Guide for detailed instructions on getting started.

2. Uber Ride Pass

Uber offers a ride pass for $24.99 which includes 3 major features.

  1. Get price protection on all rides regardless of traffic or time of day
  2. Save up to15% on every ride
  3. Get a JUMP bike or scooter for 30 minutes free each day (limited-time)

This helps lower the cost for frequent Uber passengers.  Learn more about ride pass here.

3. Uber Rewards

If you join Uber Rewards you can unlock new benefits and discounts for existing users.

All you need to do is download the latest version of the Uber app and sign up in just a few taps.

The Ultimate Uber Free Rides and Discounts Guide 86 -  2019

Earn Points, Get Rewards

With Uber Rewards, earn points with every eligible dollar spent on rides and Uber Eats orders.

Points add up to money-saving rewards and new benefits.

Unlock flexible cancellations with Gold, priority pickups at airports with Platinum, complimentary upgrades with Diamond, and more.

Uber Reward Membership Levels & Benefits

Each rewards membership level can be unlocked for Using Uber services.

Here is a complete breakdown of the benefits you stand to gain just from being an Uber customer.

BenefitBlue (0 pts)Gold (500 pts)Platinum (2500 pts)Diamond (7500pts)
Earn points with every eligible ride or Uber Eats orderYesYesYesYes
$5 Uber Cash rewardsYesYesYesYes
Priority supportYesYesYes
Flexible cancellationsYesYesYes
Price protection on UberX between your two favorite placesYesYes
Priority pickups at airportsYesYes
Premium supportYes
Highly rated driversYes
Complimentary upgradesYes
Free delivery ($0 fee) on 3 Uber Eats ordersYes

Blue: Unlock at 0 points
Gold: Unlock at 500 points
Platinum: Unlock at 2,500 points
Diamond: Unlock at 7,500 points

Learn more about Uber Rewards here.

How to Earn Uber Reward Points

Each time you spend money with Uber or UberEats you score points.

Here is a breakdown on how you may earn the points:

1x – 1 point per eligible $1 on UberPool and Uber Eats
2x – 2 points per eligible $1 on UberX and UberXL
3x – 3 points per eligible $1 on Black and Black SUV

4. Uber Cash: Get up to 5% Off Rides

The Ultimate Uber Free Rides and Discounts Guide 88 -  2019

Uber cash gives you a discount when you deposit funds into your Uber account. 

You can purchase Uber cash by going here:

  1. Open Uber App
  2. Go to Menu in the upper left of the app
  3. Click menu option “Payment”
  4. Add Funds

Funding options include:

  • $25 Uber Cash for $24.50 (2% off)
  • $50 Uber Cash for $48.50 (3% off)
  • $100 Uber Cash for $95 (5% off)

Purchased funds don’t expire, are nontransferable, and can be used on trips and with Uber Eats.

Get more information about Uber cash here.

5. Uber Gift Cards

Purchase gift cards for Uber at a discounted rate.  This will allow you to save money on your rides.  Some gift card websites offer as much as 2-5% off on gift card purchases.

6. Credit Card Rewards

We have a complete list of credit cards that will help you save on your Uber rides.  The official Uber Visa offers some of the best savings for rideshare in the industry.  While other top cards include American Express, Chase Sapphire, Captial One, and Discover.

Official Uber Visa Credit Card

  • 10,000 bonus points when you spend $500 in the first 90 days
  • Up to $50 credit for online subscriptions when you spend $5,000 in a year
  • Up to $600 in mobile phone insurance when you pay with your card

All Visa Credit Cards

  • Visa Local Offers – Earn up to $100 in Uber credits with purchases at select merchants

All American Express credit cards

  • $30 discount on your first Uber ride when you pay with an Amex card

American Express Platinum card

  • Up to $200 in annual Uber credits

Chase Sapphire Reserve

  • $300 annual travel credit usable for Uber
  • 3 points per $1 on Uber purchases: Uber purchases count as travel

Barclaycard Arrival Plus

  • 2% back on Uber purchases:  Uber rides are eligible for travel statement credits

Capital One Venture

  • 2% back on Uber purchases:  Uber rides are eligible for travel statement credits

Citi ThankYou Premier

  • 3 points per $1 on Uber purchases: Uber purchases count as travel

All Chase Credit Cards

  • 5% cash back when transportation is included as a quarterly bonus category

All Discover Card

  • 5% cash back when transportation is included as a quarterly bonus category


How to Get Free Uber with American Express (New or Current Users)

Amex member?

More good news!

If you use an American Express credit card and have enrolled in the Membership Rewards program that earns you reward points, you will be glad to know that you can pay for your ride using your AMEX points.

Link your American Express card to your Uber account by signing into

Set up the American Express card as a payment method on the app before or during a ride to be able to use the points to pay your fare.

It is as simple as that.

7. Uber Student Discount

Currently Uber does not offer a discount for students.  They used to have a program for college students to save at West Coast universities.

8. Uber Military Discount

Uber supports military veterans with special pricing and promotions on rides.  You’ll need to verify your military status and apply for the program here.

9. Uber Business Discount

Uber has low cost corporate business travel options for small and large businesses.  For more information on how to setup a business account with Uber go here.

Another new feature that Uber recently rolled out is called Uber vouchers.  This allows companies to prepaid for a discount or free ride for an event.  Learn more about Uber vouchers here.

10. Uber Newsletter Emails

Occasionally Uber will email you special deals and discounts on rides that are sponsored by other companies.

The Ultimate Uber Free Rides and Discounts Guide 90 -  2019

40% off your next 5 rides with Venmo. Up to $10 per ride  when you pay with Venmo. Just make sure you have the Venmo app installed and add Venmo as your payment method in the Uber app. Offer is valid from 05/06/2019 6:00 am ET through 05/13/2019 at 6:00 am ET in the U.S. when using Venmo as a payment method on Uber. Discount is automatically applied. Cannot be combined with other promotions or offers. Any unused portion of the maximum $10 per trip discount for an eligible trip will not carry over to your next eligible trip.  Find out more about the Venmo and Uber deal here.

If you wish to unsubscribe from emails for Uber you may do so here.

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