Uber has rolled out several major updates to its car sharing app to make it easier for its customers to integrate the service more into their lifestyles.

The new updates, which include an update to the user privacy settings, grants the user greater control over the account and strives to make co-riding an even friendlier experience.

Here are the most notable updates you should know about.

Bookmark Places with the ‘Saved Places’ Feature

Do you frequently take an Uber to the store, office, a friend’s place, or even a temporary project site?

Well, with the new ‘Saved Places’ feature on the Uber app, you can now bookmark such a destination and never have to write down an address, or ask someone “Where is that again?”

UBER Updates

All you need to do is tap on the “Where to?” button when en route to the place you wish to bookmark then tap on “More saved places” and select the destination from the list.

You can then assign the new saved place a name (even an emoji) and forget about it until you want to go there again.

The app may even place a shortcut of the saved place on your home screen when it predicts that’s where you want to go.

This means you would just need to tap once to call an Uber.

Make Carpooling a Better Experience with ‘Suggested Drop-Offs’

Uber’s new ‘Suggested drop-offs’ feature is a great addition that people who share a ride often will love.

‘Suggested drop-offs’ is designed to make Pool rides happier and time-efficient for co-riders by using an algorithm to analyze routes and destinations in real time.

The algorithm will then suggest drop-off spots that can save you money and time.

This feature also allows you to update previous drop-off spots and find better spots from a list of suggestions by tapping a blue box on the map.

The app automatically notifies you, your co-rider, and the driver when suggestions are approved or changed.

Privacy Settings All in One Place

If you are already an Uber rider, you must have read and agreed to the company’s privacy policies when you signed up.

The new updates grant you greater control over the Uber app and your Uber account, and in particular which information you share, and how it is protected.

UBER Updates_2

The improved privacy control settings and options are now in one place and each setting has a simple explanation on what it is and how to use it.

If you have the new app update, you should already have access to the new privacy control settings under ‘Privacy Settings’ when you tap the ‘Main Menu’.

Friendly Updates to the Ratings System

It wouldn’t be too far-fetched that the Uber service runs on 5-star ratings, because both the rider and driver strive to create such a positive experience for everyone.

The new updates reduces the impact that less-than-perfect ratings have on POOL driver ratings such as when traffic upsets the rider or the algorithm picks an unimpressive ‘Suggested drop-off’ spot.

The rider can now provide more information why their ride was less than perfect so the system can award fair drivers just ratings and encourage better rider and driver behavior.

Aside from this change, the star ratings are now much more easily accessible in the app right under the driver’s name on the app menu.

Uber considers these updates a part of their continuing effort to ensure that the rider gets the best possible service by building an app that demands less of the user and is easy to use.