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Uber Referral Program 2020 Guide

Are you trying to figure out how a Uber invite code also known as referral code works?

Good!  Here is the scoop…

Uber started out as a convenient, more tech-savvy alternative to the traditional problem-ridden taxi service.

And Now?

It has effectively begun a movement.


This ridesharing movement that Uber started is changing the way people – especially those in larger cities – get around and choose their transportation.

Their exciting technology and amazingly convenient, easy-to-use interface are inspiring other companies to get in on the action as well.

Lyft, of course, is the most prominent brother/sister to Uber in the newly minted ridesharing industry.

New to Uber?

Be sure to check out our new user guide for a list of current Uber promotions to take your first ride for free.

If you have used Uber before and want to spread the word while picking up some free ride credits along the way, then read on to find out how as well.

As the popularity of Uber soars and the service penetrates into more and more cities around the world, they offer new and loyal customers ever-increasing signup bonuses that you cannot afford to ignore.

Uber is dishing out countless dollars of free ride credit to new users in a strategy to entice more people to try its services and existing users recommending their service to their friends and family also get to enjoy the spoils.

When you sign up for Uber, you stand to enjoy a free first ride by simply redeeming an Uber referral code and even more bonuses when you refer the people you know to sign up.

In this post, we will exhaustively explore Uber’s referral program and how you can make it work for you.

Uber Refer-a-Friend Program

A Uber referral works like a typical refer-a-friend program that so many companies these days offer.

It helps to spread the word about their businesses and the benefits it offers.



You would tell someone about Uber who hasn’t used the service yet.

Maybe he or she hasn’t even heard of ridesharing.

Maybe he or she has heard of it but hasn’t used it before.

Referring him or her to try out Uber can benefit both of you.

Word of mouth is the most powerful form of advertising for service companies.


The conversion rate is so much higher than other forms of promotion.

Uber and other ridesharing platforms benefit greatly from positive word of mouth.

If you’re impressed by the service, getting out there and spreading the word is the best thing you can do to keep it around.

Hence the referral program!

Uber has made it very easy for existing users to refer their friends to the service and win them both free rides.

The Uber refer-a-friend program is, in essence, a personal invite code.

Say what?

You can give this code to your friends, family, and colleagues so that both of you can get a free ride when they sign up and take their first ride!

The idea is to reward users with a ride when they give someone a free ride.

If you are an existing Uber user, you can earn free rides when you invite a new user to download the Uber app.

You can register an account with your invite code.

You can see your invite code by tapping on ‘Menu’ then ‘Free Rides’ on your Uber app.

Tell me more…

When the person you invite signs up for an Uber account using your invite code, they will get the first ride free and when they complete it, you also get your next ride free.

Note that the Uber credit code that gets you a free ride is applicable to any fare in the currency of the city you signed up in.

Current Uber Referral Bonus

The Uber refer-a-friend program starts with any Uber customer.

The user creates a personalized code for a free ride equivalent to $20 or less.

Now what?

You simply share this code with anyone interested in joining Uber.

Most people share it with their family members, friends, co-workers and social media followers.

When any of these people signs up using the Uber referral code, they can enjoy a free ride bonus of up to $20 as well as get their own referral code which they can use to invite more people to join and win referral bonuses as well.

They will also get their own referral code which they can use to invite more people to join and earn referral bonuses as well.

When someone they refer signs up and takes the first ride, the referrer is credit with a $20 ride credit bonus.

How to Refer a Friend to Uber

If you are an Uber customer, you are eligible to earn a free ride every time someone you refer to the app signs up and takes a ride.

The obvious goal of these referral codes and promotions is to spread the word about Uber and its obvious transportation benefits.

It’s that simple!


People want to know about services such as this that can help with day-to-day life.

Or it can help make an occasional night out something hassle-free and fun.

So, tell people about it!

When you sign up for your Uber account, you are automatically assigned a referral code.

This is your personal tracking identification of sorts.

Your referral code – ‘invite code’ within the Uber app – is located in the ‘Free Rides’ section of the mobile app (on some devices it is called ‘Share’).

It doesn’t matter how you refer people.

You can tell your closest friends or the barista at the coffee shop when you’re getting your morning coffee.

Either way, they just need to enter your specific referral code into their ‘Promotions’ tab before requesting their very first ride.

Then you’re both good to go!

Remember when talking about this promotion that the promo code will provide up to $20 in ride credit for both parties.

How do I share?

On your Uber app, tap on ‘Invite Friends’ to share your referral code…

…Then select one of the available invitation options including text message, email, share on social media, or copy code.

You can also personalize your invite code by going to then editing your profile settings.

The Uber referral code should only be used for non-commercial personal purposes.

In plain terms…

This basically means you can only share your code with people you are personally connected with and on platforms where you are the primary content owner (like social media).

You are not allowed to promote your referral code or publish it in content sharing and coupon sites.

Reasons for Friends & Family to Try Uber

There are many reasons why you should try Uber if you haven’t.


Invite your friends and family if you are already a customer.

Some of the top reasons are:

a) An opportunity for free rides.

While this is dependent on which city the rider is in, Uber is known to give out free ride credit via their refer-a-friend program and other location-specific promotions.

b) Getting a ride is as simple as tapping a few buttons on a smartphone.

To use Uber, a customer just needs to download an app from the store and register an account.

They can also view the estimated ride cost even before they order a car.

c) Enjoy best-rated services.

Drivers and customers rate each other on the Uber app.

Drivers strive to offer the best service and smoothest rides to maintain stellar ratings which mean more customers and better pay.

d) Uber is safe and convenient.

Uber logs the route the car takes, which riders can receive with their receipt.

If anything goes wrong or the customer loses something in the car, Uber will always know exactly which car it was.

e) Save money.

In most cities, Uber is the cheapest and most convenient way to travel, especially compared to taxis.

How They Use the Code

When you send an Uber invite to your contacts, it will include a unique Uber credit code that they can use to redeem the free first ride and earn you a free next ride.


The new user will be prompted to download the app and create an account, after which they will be eligible for the free first ride.

You will receive your credit automatically on your account when the new user completes the first ride.


You can view the status by tapping on ‘Promotions’ under the menu on your Uber app.

How to Change Your Uber Invite Code

To view your Uber Refer-a-Friend code, navigate to the menu on the app and tap on ‘Free Rides’.

If you would like to customize your referral code, whether to make it easy to remember or recognize, here are the steps to follow:

1. Go to and log into your Uber rider account

2. Click on the ‘Free Rides’ button on the top left corner of the page.

3. Personalize your referral code after ‘’.

Once you personalize your code, do not worry about any original that you already shared.

As long as the new users have already signed up and applied the old code, they will still enjoy the first free ride and you will still get your Uber Credit Code bonuses.

Tips to Choosing a Good Uber Passenger Referral Code

Most people personalize their Uber referral code to make it easier to remember or recognize.

Choosing the right code to use is just like picking a username for your social media profiles.

You will want something that you can easily read out to someone even when you do not have your phone with you.

Something simple.

The referral code should be something that you and people who know you can recognize.

You can use a part of your name, business name, or even your car registration number subject to availability.

Your code will still have ‘Uber’ in front of it, but you can still personalize it into something that stands out and is simple enough to memorize.

Uber Invite Code Error Message

In some cases, users can encounter error messages when they try to register for an account with an invitation code.

The most common error is ‘Uber Invite Code Already Exists’.

Uber Invite Code Already Exists

If you encounter this error, it means that you have already entered the invite code you are trying to use and cannot use it again.

If you believe this is in error and are sure you entered the code correctly, you can contact Uber support team to have the issue resolved.

How to Continue Getting Free Uber Credit


We all love free things, and all the more so free Uber rides.

After you claim the first free ride, there are other ways to continue getting free Uber credit that you can redeem for free rides.



These include joining the Uber refer-a-friend program and looking out for other Uber promos that come with free rides.

These promos may be season or location specific.

Making the Most of the Referral Program

Referring a friend or family member to Uber is essentially sharing with them your invite code.

The most convenient way to invite someone you know to join Uber and win free credit is by tapping the ‘Share’ button in your Uber app or on Uber website.


You can send the code to your contact via email, text message, or on social media.

If you are the type to go the extra mile, you can also send the code via a postcard or you can print in on your business card.

Limits to the Referral Program

Great news!

There is no limit to the number of free rides you get when you refer a new user to sign up for Uber.

However, there are rules as to how you can share your referral code and who can use it.

Existing users cannot redeem referral codes for free rides.

Furthermore, Uber reserves the right to revoke any codes or referral points earned and even suspend a ride’s account if they violate the company’s terms of service.

Ways to Go Beyond the Uber Referral

The Uber refer-a-friend program is only the starting point for people who would like to take advantage of the free ride Uber offers to new members.

It can also be a way for existing customers to keep enjoying even more free rides.

Considering how simple it is to personalize the invitation code and how straightforward the referral program is, any user can go beyond and look out for promo codes for existing users, primarily on Uber’s website.

Uber often introduces new codes particularly around when the seasons change and during holidays.

Lyft New User Promo Code

Uber’s fiercest competitor Lyft also offers a great referral program that also offers free rides and bonuses.

The company offers Lyft new user promo codes that can get new users up to $50 in free ride credit.

Lyft Referral Code

New Lyft users can enter a Lyft referral code to earn free ride credit of up to $50.

For existing Lyft users, they have a refer-a-friend program similar to that of Uber.

The company also occasionally offers discounts and free rides to existing customers through codes distributed at Lyft events.