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Uber Taxi: How to Get Started

Uber Taxi has taken off as the primary source of transportation for many people across the United States.

Waiting for a traditional taxi that might never arrive when you really need to be somewhere can be incredibly frustrating.

It only makes sense a service like Uber has come into the marketplace to satisfy people who are frustrated by conventional cab companies.

Uber isn’t a cab company.  In fact, Uber is in a heated battle with NYC Taxi companies.

Take a peek at our write-up about Uber vs Taxi companies for a more in-depth look.

It is actually a ride sharing service that enables ordinary people to make extra money while helping out their neighbors.

The service is easy to use and typically costs less than a regular taxi cab.

The only thing a rider needs is a smartphone and the Uber Taxi app.

Get a Ride with Uber Taxi

The first step is to install the simple app.

The Uber Cabs app is free and very easy to use.


After installing the app, it’s essential to input a promo code in order to get the first ride free.

The company publishes these promo codes but riders can also obtain a code from existing customers.

When using a code from an existing customer, that person will also receive a free ride in exchange for the referral to the Uber Taxi Service.

These codes only work for the first ride.

After that, riders will need to use either a credit card or a Paypal account to pay for their rides.

Rides are arranged through the mobile app.

As a rider, simply choose the current location and input a destination.

By clicking a button, you can get an estimate of the fare.

A slider gives passengers the option of choosing between four car sizes.

Fares increase for each option.

UberX is a standard-sized car.

Four passengers may ride in this type of vehicle.

Uber XL is an SUV.

Up to six people may ride in this vehicle.

UberSELECT is a luxury car that typically seats four passengers.

UberBLACK cars are ultra-luxury.

Riders can expect a well-mannered, professional driver.

Another button orders the ride.

After asking for the ride, a driver will accept the job and be on their way within a few minutes.

Once a driver elects to pick the rider up, the rider will get their photo, a description of their vehicle, and license plate number.

Riders can track their driver’s location on a map through the Uber Taxi app.

Make the Most of a Ride in an Uber Taxi

It’s important to be ready when your car arrives.

Riders can expect the car to be clean when it arrives, and they should ensure they don’t make a mess in their Uber.

Drivers have a right to keep their car in good condition, and they could bill a rider if they make a mess.

The driver receives the passenger’s destination information through the app and their GPS gives them a suggested route.

If you want the driver to take a different route, just ask.

People who drive Uber Taxis are very accommodating and will generally take any reasonable route for their passengers.

Many people use Uber to get picked up or dropped off at the airport.

Drivers and passengers can rate each other after the ride, so it’s important to be courteous to maintain a high rating and continue to receive prompt and courteous service.