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Uber vs Taxi: Services Compared

Uber vs Taxi companies is a battle that will continue until someone collapses.

Uber is a ride-share service that operates in ways similar to a taxi but does have some differences too.


Many people are interested in knowing what these differences are and why they should choose one over the other.

Here are some examples of what to expect when using a taxi or looking for an Uber ride.

Uber Convenience Over Taxis

The reason for Using Uber vs Taxis is because of the time savings and simplicity of the service.

Their app connects riders and drivers through GPS and alerts the closest driver.

Many taxi services are offering apps as well, but they are not as widespread or efficient.

Studies state that 90 percent of Uber drivers arrive within 10 minutes.

Only 16 percent of taxis arrive in this amount of time.

One benefit of Taxis vs. Uber, however, is that taxi companies do allow customers to pre-book their rides.

Mashable takes a look at the ethical side when deciding whether Uber is better than the Taxi industry.

Uber and Taxi Customer Safety

Payments to Uber are made by credit card through the app, so the rider never needs to carry cash.

All of the drivers, for taxis and Uber, have been background checked and must be licensed and insured.

With Uber, the rider is able to notify their friends or family and allow them to track the ride.


Your phone number will also be masked to prevent the Uber driver from seeing your real number.

All Uber customers are given the personal information of their driver and the trip details are logged by Uber.

Uber customers can leave quality ratings on the driver.

Consistent bad reviews will cause a driver to be blocked.

It is possible to file complaints with taxi companies, but they are harder to track.

Uber vs Taxi Services Offered

Uber wins points for the variety of car options it offers.

There is the standard option, an SUV service for large groups, and a premium service with professional drivers.

A luxury option offering only high-end vehicles is also available.

Unfortunately, not all cities offer all services.

In fact, Uber is not available in all areas, even where taxis are common.

Wondering what the difference is between the Uber car options: UberX, UberSUV, UberSelect, etc.?

Uber vs Taxi Cost

Numerous studies have been performed to determine the pricing difference in Uber vs. Cabs.


In nearly every instance, the Uber ride was the least expensive.

The exception is surge pricing.

This is when the company charges a higher rate during busier times.

Fare quotes are available through the Uber app, but they may be incomplete because they do not always include tolls or other fees.

Many cab companies will also provide riders with the estimate before the cab arrives.

You may also split the cost with a friend on the Uber or Lyft application.

Uber vs Taxi Difference


Drivers comparing Uber vs. Taxi Cabs for their own benefit will have a few differences to consider.

The benefits to Uber drivers is that they never have to handle cash because they are paid by direct deposit after every trip.

They are free to work whenever they want and stop when they want.

Of course, Uber drivers must use their own phones and cars and pay for all their expenses including gas, repairs and insurance.

Taxi drivers have to process credit cards and make change.

They are at risk for crimes because they carry cash.

They are put through a much more rigorous hiring process, including being fingerprinted and undergoing up to two weeks of training.

They do not always have control over the days and times they work.

In the battle of Uber vs. Taxis, many people feel as if Uber leads the pack.

However, there are many others who prefer the professionalism of taxi services.

Taxi drivers often insist they are paid much better than Uber drivers, and in small towns and cities it can be difficult to find enough work as an Uber driver.

Another transportation battle has been waged with Lyft versus Uber in the rideshare industry.

Regulations for Uber and Taxi Industry

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Uber vs Taxis Insurance Coverage

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