Zipcar has been increasing their presence through partnerships this year, spreading the word of their convenient service.

The latest partnership is one with none other than the convenience store giant 7-Eleven.

In Washington, D.C., this agreement will place 18 vehicles between 9 store locations throughout the city.

Car models such as the GW Golf, Nissan Sentra, Ford Escape, and more will be available options.


These cars will be spread throughout the city, covering areas such as Shady Grove, Cheverly, and H Street/Atlas District.

With convenience a huge factor for both companies, it’s a perfect match!

This partnership is the most recent of many.

Zipcar’s partnerships with universities have been continuing to grow over the last few years.

Airports are another hot spot for the car rental service.

In addition to these obvious partnerships, Zipcar has also partnered with the likes of the Seattle Children’s Hospital, the Vermont Department of Tourism and Marketing, and the Big Ten Conference.

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