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Zipcar Contact & Customer Service Guide

Looking for a Zipcar contact?

Are you a new customer that hasn’t received a Zipcard yet and wish to follow it up with customer service?

Perhaps the car you reserved is not to your liking.

Would you wish to talk or complain to someone about it?

At times, you may just want to talk to a customer service agent to congratulate the company on an excellent service.

Well, whatever your reasons, as a new customer or a prospective client, there are multiple Zipcar contact channels you can use to get a response and/or action.

Read on to discover them.

Zipcar Customer Service

When this service was still new in the market and was trying to make its presence felt, it was plagued by bad online reviews especially pertaining to customer service.

Zipcar Customer Service

However, the company changed tact. and instead focused on preventing customer problems rather than wait to fix them.

They focused on preventing customer problems rather than wait to fix them.

Their tools?

Personal attention to each contact.

Now, you can contact them several ways.

These include leaving a message on their website and contacting via phone or email to get personalized service from a customer service representative.

Although there are still many customer complaints revolving around the inability to reach customer service, this tact is largely responsible for the company’s improving ratings.

Zipcar Phone Number

The most convenient Zipcar contact method?

You can call Zipcar and get an immediate response is via phone.

And the number?

The number you can use to reach them is quite memorable: 1‑866‑4ZIPCAR (1-866-494-7227).

Or, an alternative Zipcar customer care number you can use is 1-309-229-5010.

Unfortunately, these are not round-the-clock service numbers.

They can only be used to contact them between 9 am and 5 pm EST Monday to Friday excluding public holidays.

The average wait time that you may be kept on hold is 3 minutes.

Typically, though, you can reach a human agent on the first ring.

Zipcar Customer Service Email

When you have an issue that is not very urgent?

The company recommends that you send them an email using their support email:  [email protected]

This is a monitored email address dedicated to resolving customer concerns.

So you should expect an automated email acknowledging the receipt of your email within a few minutes.

How quick is it?

The actual response from a customer service representative may take anywhere from a few hours to a few days.

This email address does not support instant messaging or chats.[divider]

Zipcar Office Near Me

One of the best things about this convenient service?

It has at least one office that receives customers in every major city the company operates.

Zipcar Office

When does this come in handy?

Some customers have serious problems that must be resolved in person.

Examples include unverifiable account details, or when a customer has to pick a Zipcard in person.

Another common one is if your new user Zipcar promo code isn’t working for some reason.

Or maybe you just want face-to-face help.

The easiest way to find out which office to go to when you need to contact Zipcar customer care in person is by using the app.

On the reservations menu, you can choose to search locations, pick the current location, or select from the suggested local office locations.

Zipcar Corporate Office

The company’s head office is located at 35 Thomson Place, Fort Point, Boston Massachusetts.


This office is the company’s corporate headquarters.

They not receive customers or handle local customer complaints and concerns.

If you are a Zipster in Boston, you will have to find another close office to talk to a local customer service agent.

Zipcar Car Pick Up

Did you reserve a car and when you picked it up it was not in a good enough state to make your ride enjoyable and have to collect a new one at the nearest office?

Perhaps you could not find the right kind of car you wish to use at your local parking spot and must pick one up at the office?

Well, these things happen.

The company frequently asks Zipsters to collect cars at their local offices in these cases.

This works a lot like picking up the car at any other spot.

You must be a member of the platform and would have to use your Zipcard to get into the car.

Perhaps the only difference?

You can talk to a customer service representative in person if you need to before driving off.


Pro Tip:  If you don’t want to wait for your Zipcard to come in the mail, you can pick it up at a Zipcar office instead!  You are able to look up offices near you via the smartphone app, and you can be driving in no time.


Zipcar Hours

The service offers round-the-clock car sharing service.

This means that you can reserve and drive a car at any time 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


What if it’s an issue that a customer service agent must resolve?

You would have to wait to contact them during the normal office work hours between 9 am and 5 pm Monday to Friday excluding public holidays.

It is not uncommon for offices in busy cities such as New York and Washington DC to operate on Saturday.

You would have to check whether they are open before deciding to pay them a visit, though.[divider]

Zipcar Contact Q&A

As with many of these new & exciting services, there are a lot of questions from new and existing users alike.

We’ve provided some common queries below for some extra insight.

Zipcar Contact Q&A

Is there a preferred Zipcar contact method that guarantees a fast response and complaint resolution that I should use?

Before you contact Zipcar customer service, it is advisable that you read the faq sections of their website.

These are available to try to find the answer to a question that others have had.

However, if you do not find a satisfying answer and need urgent resolution, you can call customer service using the number 1‑866‑4ZIPCAR.[divider]

Do they resolve all complaints leveled by customers in person?

Most customer complaints center on the company’s inability to resolve various issues with cars and to rectify incorrect billing.

While the company strives to satisfy every customer by resolving matters in a timely manner, raised on phone or in person.[divider]

Can I use the smartphone app to find a Zipcar location near me?

Yes. Whether you wish to find a parking spot to reserve a car or just want to discover where the closest Zipcar office to you is located, you can use the app you installed on your smartphone.

You can tap the top search result to find the closest office or parking spot using GPS or you can press search to find another location close to a different location e.g. the destination of your ride.