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How to Download & Use the Lyft App | Beginner’s Guide

1. Download the Lyft App

You’ll need to download the app from the appropriate app store according to the type of smartphone you own.

The app is free from both the AppleStore and PlayStore.

lyft app - How to Download & Use the Lyft App | Beginner's Guide

If you have never downloaded an app from an app store before then now is the time to learn.

The simple installation process on Android or iOS makes the experience a breeze and ensures you’ll continue to rely on transportation app technology in the future.

Once you navigate to the AppStore, make sure to sign in and click the install button to start the installation process on your smartphone.

The Lyft app is relatively small and shouldn’t take long to install.

It’s also important to note that GPS is required to use the app.

A recent update of the Lyft app was released with material design.

2. Get $30 & save money on every Lyft ride

freebird lyft uber discount rewards 700x608 - How to Download & Use the Lyft App | Beginner's Guide

Use the Freebird app to get cash for taking Lyft rides.

Note:  This works for new or existing Lyft and Uber users.


  1. Get the Freebird rides app (No cost, completely free)
    • Send a text to 31996 with the message: Lyft30
    • You’ll get a text back with the $30 promo code & download link
  2. Enter the code into the Freebird app
    • You’ll get $30 cashback ($3 per ride for the next 10 rides)
  3. Request your Uber or Lyft rides in the Freebird app to get the cashback

BONUS: Freebird will send you a $5 bonus promo code after your 10th ride.  This bonus code gets you $5 cashback on your 11th ride for a total of $35!

HOW IT WORKS:  Lyft insider discounts will text you an exclusive promo code for $3 cash back per ride for the first ten rides for a total of $30.  The cash can be easily deposited into your debit card/bank once you reach $10 cash.  You must request the rides in the Freebird app to get the cash. Promo codes are only good for new users that have not claimed previous Freebird codes. (6 Msgs/Month. Reply STOP to cancel, HELP for help. Msg & data rates may apply. Terms:

OPTIONAL: We have 2 other promotions available.  If you would like to choose a different discount offer, go here.

2. Open the Lyft App

After the installation process, you’ll want to locate the pink balloon icon on the home screen of your phone.

Once you’ve opened up the app you can start the signup process.

We suggest using Facebook to login, which will make the process a bit quicker and easier.

Next, you’ll be prompted to enter your billing information for future rides.

3. Enter a Credit Code in the Payment Screen

View our video and guide on the next page for the best step-by-step instructions on how to redeem Lyft credit in the app.

Being able to try out the service with no out-of-pocket cost is a big deal for many who are looking to try out the new ridesharing technology.

Gather up your friends and family and go on a Lyft adventure in your town or city.

4. Request a Ride

Once you’ve completed the steps outlined above, it’s finally time to request your first Lyft ride.

Press the large teal button labeled, “Request Lyft” and a community driver will show up at your destination usually within 10 minutes.

Enjoy your Lyft experience and make sure to tip after your ride has been completed.