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Uber Error Messages Explained

Are you frantically googling to find out why a Uber promo code that is supposed to earn you a free ride isn’t working?

Uber error messages can be difficult to understand when based on the error message alone.

You may be getting a general error because of a single digit mistake, or the promo code really isn’t working.

Whatever the case, you have come to the right place.

We will help you demystify the common Uber promo code error messages so you can understand where the problem could be.

What Types of Error Messages Could I See?

There are three different Uber promo code error messages you are likely to encounter when you try to redeem your first ride free.


The two most common error messages are “Another promotion was already applied” and “Expired Uber promotion codes”.

Another Promotion Was Already Applied

If you encounter the message “Another Promotion Was Already Applied” when trying to enter an Uber promo code, it means that you are trying to redeem free ride credits on an existing account that already received the free first ride.

Riders with existing accounts see this message because Uber allows each account to receive only one Uber promo code from their Refer-a-Friend program.

Simply put, you cannot use an invitation code twice or use a second different code after you are invited by someone else.

Expired Uber Promotion Codes

This error message is pretty self-explanatory.

Uber promotion codes are often valid for a limited time after which they expire.

When you try to enter an expired promo code, this is the error message you get.

Note that once a promo code expires, Uber cannot extend or renew it—it will be gone forever.

You can keep track of your codes’ expiration dates right on the app.

Tap on ‘Menu’ then select ‘Promotions’ to view the details of all the active promo codes applied to your account.

Referral Codes Have Been Deemed Invalid for This Account

A very uncommon error, when you encounter “Referral Codes Have Been Deemed Invalid for This Account” when you enter an Uber promo code, it could mean that there is a problem with your Uber account.

If you are a new user and you get this error on your first ride even after checking to ensure you entered the code correctly, you may want to review the status of your account if it is active.

The best solution is to send an email to the Uber support team to resolve this error.

Error Message When Creating an Account

Quite a number of Internet users have reported encountering the error message “There was a problem signing up, please try again” when attempting to create a new account.

This could happen for many reasons but the most likely is a temporary server or connection problem.

Some users have had this problem with specific email address domain names.

It is recommended that you try again in a short while but if it persists you can try a different email address or contact Uber support team via email or on Twitter.

Other Error Messages

As with many things within technology, there are errors that come up even with the most routine tasks.

There isn’t too much variety when it comes to Uber error messages, but there are a few worth mentioning.

So frustrating!

Error messages are always stressful, but it’s not as bad when you know how to fix it.

Take a peek at some other Uber error messages you may encounter in your rideshare adventures.

Error Adding a Payment Method

If you try to enter a prepaid card as a payment method on your Uber account, you will encounter this error message because the company currently does not accept prepaid cards.

You will also see this error or “There Was an Error Processing Your Payment Method” when you enter a credit card CVV number or your billing zip code incorrectly.

Because Uber charges your default payment method in case the ride costs more than available credit, you may not be able to request a ride until you resolve the payment error if none other is active.

The solution to this error depends on the where the problem is.

You may need to contact your bank or financial institution if the method is valid but cannot be added.

Unable to Change Mobile Number or Email

Every Uber account must have associated and verified email address and phone number to request a ride.

If you try to update your phone number or email, you are likely to get this error if the number or address you are trying to change to is already registered by someone else.

In such a case, you will have to contact Uber support team to get your number or email address released.

You may be asked to send your ID and/or a screenshot of the phone number before the change is affected.