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Best Zipcar Rates & Plan Prices Guide

Wondering if Zipcar rates really are as competitive as they seem?

You aren’t alone.

City dwellers and students and faculty of over 500 college and university campuses in the US have a viable and even a more affordable alternative to owning a car for transportation in this revolutionary service.

This service is touted as a perfect alternative to owning or renting a car—for a small price.

In this tough economy, everyone is looking to save every last cent.

And when it comes to transportation?

Car sharing may be an answer for which most car owners in North America and Europe are looking.

We will analyze Zipcar prices and costs to help you understand if this option will save you money.

Zipcar Rates & Membership Plans

Zipcar is for everybody.

This explains why there are membership plans through which anybody can find, reserve, and drive whenever he/she is in need of transportation.

They charge a one-time membership fee of $25 for all membership plans.

Zipcar Rates & Membership Plans

There are three Zipcar membership plans and rates designed to fit the lifestyles and sharing preferences of different members.

The first?

The occasional driving plan that costs $70 per year is the most popular plan that offers the most benefits to first-time car sharers.

It does not attract any monthly commitment fee and for driving rates as low as $9.50 per hour or $77 per day, you can drive as little or as much as you need.

The monthly driving plan is for commuters and students.

Members who choose this plan pay only $7 per month and get to drive as much as they want, without paying an annual fee.

And lastly…

The extra value plan, or EVP, is perfect for business people and entrepreneurs who know exactly when they will need a car.

It costs only $50 per month with no annual fees and members enjoy low Zipcar rates starting at $8.55 per hour or $69.30 per day.

All driving is discounted at 10% relative to regular rates.

The business plan costs an initial $75 and $25 per driver after that.

It’s perfect for small businesses and companies.

Members of this group enjoy discounted weekday Zipcar rates and a special 7 am to 7 pm rates that are 10 to 20% lower than the full rate.

The student/faculty membership plan offers special pricing, sign-up credits, and a lot of other perks for members.

This simplified pricing structure makes it easy for you to choose a plan that fits your needs and your budget.

Zipcar Rates for Students

Besides a lowered age requirement from 21 to 18, Zipcar for University offers a very friendly pricing rate for student members in participating campuses.

To sign up as a student?

You will need to pay a non-refundable $25 one-time application fee then choose a plan.

The most popular plan, an occasional driving plan, costs students $70 a year while a monthly driving plan costs $7 per month.

Both of these plans attract a low rate of $7.50/hr and $69/day, and they come with 180 free miles per day, free gas and paid for insurance.


Zipcar’s fleet consists of nearly 10,000 vehicles at a variety of locations nationwide.  They offer upwards of 50 models of cars, trucks, and other vehicles, including hybrids.


Zipcar Daily Rate

The luckiest users are the University students and faculty. because they enjoy most of the lowest Zipcar daily rates starting from $69.


Because they enjoy most of the lowest Zipcar daily rates starting from $69.

Charges for ordinary members include a daily rate of $77 per day.

Members who subscribed to the extra value package are charged a daily rate of $69.30.

This rate may, however, change from city to city.

The flat rate includes up to 180 miles, and each additional mile is charged from $0.45.

Zipcar Overnight

Most people prefer this service because it is a great way to own wheels when you need them, but without all the costs associated with owning an actual car.

The company was founded on a promise of convenience, simplicity, and affordability.

And Zipcar overnight?

It’s a perfect example of a plan designed to benefit members of the service.

Members get to have the car sleep over for instance when they leave the office late and have to get back to work early in the morning.

Note, however, that this plan applies to most available cars, with a few exceptions and may not be available in all locations.

Zipcar overnight costs $36 for the entire 14 hour period.

The reservation is available between 6 pm through 8.30 am.

An overnight reservation that goes beyond 8.30 am or earlier than 6 pm is billed at the regular full day rate.[divider]

Zipcar Cost vs. Car Ownership

Zipcar is a service that is more widely available and dependable than other car sharing options.

It’s also more affordable than owning a car.

In particular, the company has made its presence noticeable in university campuses all over the US and in major cities in Canada and Europe.

This means Zipsters traveling to any of these countries can reserve cars conveniently using their existing accounts in any city where the company operates.

Zipcar Cost vs. Car Ownership

According to the company’s figures, one car is shared by up to 13 users.

What does this mean?

This means that the costs of maintaining the car are split among the 13 users.

More cars shared means less parking space required in cities (which could mean more green spaces) and greater savings.

Zipcar Cost Calculator

This revolutionary company markets itself as the best alternative to owning a car because the service eliminates the high costs and unavoidable hassles of car ownership or full-time rental.

On average, members save an average of $500 each just by choosing the service over the traditional car ownership according to Zipcar.


Car ownership and rentals attract charges that include car payment, insurance, gas, license charges, registration fees and taxes, servicing and maintenance fees, and of course parking fees.

You can save some serious dough.

In fact, their cost calculator shows you can save up to $400 each month or $4,900 per year if you drive an average sedan that costs you $300 in payments, $480 in insurance and other fees assuming that you take an average 24 trips per month, each lasting about 2 hours.

Zipcar Truck/Van

Zipcar is a transportation service you can rely on no matter where you are headed or how much cargo you are carrying with you.

Zipcar Truck

You can hire a Zipvan to transport your property!

All you need to do is reserve a van, load your goods and be on your way.

And the cost?

The costs for using a Zipvan starts at just $15.75 per hour or $109 per day.

What’s Included with Zipcar Rates?

The $70 annual or $7 monthly Zipcar cost is a very small price to pay to bid farewell to expensive car payments, constant repairs, and oil changes, hefty insurance, and pesky parking fees and tickets.

Tell me more!

This is because the Zipcar price covers the cost of gas, motor vehicle insurance charges, up to 180 miles of driving per day, and access to over 10,000 cars of different makes and models all over the US, Canada, and cities in Europe.

From your phone or on the company’s website, you can conveniently book your rides and use the app on the phone to find where the car you reserved is parked.

You can then unlock the car using the Zipcard and keep track of your usage right from the mobile app.


That rate includes access to various Zipcar customer service contact methods should you need it.[divider]

Zipcar Promo Code

So you have made up your mind to become a member and take advantage of all this platform has to offer?

Zipcar Promo Code

You are in luck!

You qualify for a $30 discount if you are signing up for the first time.

Simply use the Zipcar new member promo code ZIP30 to redeem $30 worth free ride upon approval.

Or simply sign up with this special Zipcar promo code link to rake in the savings.[divider]

Zipcar Fees

This is a very affordable car-sharing service with a transparent pricing policy.

Note, however, that there are extra charges that you may incur as a member that they do not include in the regular usage billing.

Such as?

These are mileage limit charges, charges at tolls, and damage fees.

Zipcar Mileage Limit

A Zipcar reservation includes 180 miles lasting 24 hours or shorter.

They charge a fee for every mile you cover beyond the 180-mile limit.

How much is it?

This fee starts at $0.45 for regular cars and up to $0.55 for cargo vans and premium cars.

Zipcar Tolls

Most of their vehicles have a toll pass feature.

The benefit?

This makes it easy for its user to go through the cash-only lanes without any surcharges.

They keep it convenient!

The company adds the toll cost to the user’s account after they receive it from the city.

Members must check to see if the car they wish to reserve includes a toll pass amenity.

Don’t have a pass?

You simply will have to pay cash at the toll booth.

Zipcar Damage Fee Waiver

They offer an optional annual $79 complete damage fee waiver.

This will protect the member from any damage fees in case of an accident.

How to qualify?

You must be over 21 years of age with a lack of Zipcar accidents over a period of 12 months to qualify for this waiver.[divider]

Zipcar Prices Q&A

Zipcar Q&A

When will they charge the membership fee?

They automatically charge members on the annual billing circle each year on the anniversary date of their membership.

For members on a monthly cycle, the company charges their accounts automatically every month on their joining date anniversary.[divider]

Are there any more Zipcar rates or fees I should know as a prospective member?


They charge a late return fee, low fuel fee, Zipcard replacement fee, ignition replacement fee, and reservation charges.

There are also personal reservation assistance fees, tickets and violation processing fees, car damage fees, and other violations fee.