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Uber Promo Codes for Free Rides 2020 Guide

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UPDATE: Freebird has temporarily reduced the signup bonus due to COVID-19. The new sign up bonus is now $1 for each of your first two rides.

Are you wondering what all the buzz is about with these Uber promo codes?

Wondering if you should give it a try?

You should!

With our 15 Uber hacks for free rides below you can get a discount on unlimited rides!

???? 3 Quick Steps to Unlock $10 Cash Now

best uber promo codes for 2020

HOW:  Use the Freebird app to get cash for taking Uber or Lyft rides.  These 3 steps below are simple and easy to set up and you’ll save on every ride you take even after the promotion.

WHY:  This is the only way to get a discount code for existing users.  Uber and Lyft do not have existing user promo codes you can enter directly into their apps.

Note: This works for new or existing Lyft and Uber users.  Even if you have used a Lyft or Uber promo code in the past.

1. Choose a promotion & copy the code

$5 cashback per ride for the first two rides

2. Enter the promo code into the Freebird app

  1. Download the app (free at the app store & play store)
  2. Sign up and link your Uber or Lyft Account to the app
  3. Go to ☰ menu (top left) then “Promo Codes” to redeem the code
  4. Paste/enter the promo code you got from the list above

3. Request an Uber or Lyft ride in the Freebird app

  1. Enter your destination in the top search box
  2. Request your ride & get picked up in just a few minutes

HOW IT WORKS: After each ride, you’ll see the cashback in your Freebird account.  The cashback can be easily deposited onto your debit card.  You will pay for your ride with the default payment method you have for Uber or Lyft. Keep using the Freebird app after the initial promotional rides to get rewards points that you can convert into more cash deposits.  All promo codes only work for new Freebird users that have not claimed previous Freebird codes.

BONUS:  Freebird will send you a $5 bonus promo code: ROLL10 after your 10th ride.

Want to unlock more cash? Follow the rest of the detailed guide below.

After all, any new riders to the service can try it for free, so why not?

Take a look through our guide and get familiar with how it all works.

Are you an existing Uber user and need a discount on your ride?


We have some additional offers for you below as well.

Uber Hacks: 15 Ways to Get Free Rides & Discounts

If you use rideshare services such as Uber on the regular you are probably looking for ways to save some and get free uber rides and discounts.

For new users, it’s easy to get started with a free ride code.

Looking for a Uber Eats Promo Code?
Use Code: EATS-UBERVIP3 for $20 Off Your Uber Eats Order OR better yet get $30 Credit for DoorDash.

However, once that new user deal is done you’re left paying full price on rides and that can get expensive quickly.

We’ve done a lot of research to find the best ways to get a free ride and get discounts on future rides for Uber.

Take a look at our comprehensive guide to Uber discounts below and figure out which method works best for you.

1. Freebird Rides App: Cash Back for Every Ride

cashback for uber rides

This one of the best Uber hacks to get cash rewards on your rides out there.

The best part?

The Freebird app works for both Uber and Lyft.

Not a lot of people know about this insider discount.

It’s super simple to use and right off the bat you could lock in savings of $10+ on rides.

You get discounts on every single ride just for using the Freebird app to request your Lyft or Uber rides.

Follow our step-by-step instructions in the guide to get started.

2. Drop App: Automatically Save On Uber Rides

use drop to save money on uber rides

The drop app has been making headlines everywhere with their stellar concept.

You save money on everyday spending just for setting up the drop app.

Once you add the Uber and Lyft power offers you’ll start saving automatically.

You don’t need to do anything further once the app is all set up.

You just sit back and get Uber hacks for free rides like usual and watch the savings pour in.

Take a peek at our Drop App Invite Code Guide for detailed instructions on getting started.

3. Free Uber Ride For First-Time Customers

free lyft rides

If you have never used the Uber rideshare app in the past then you’re eligible for a new user free ride.

You can use a promo code to save up to $10 on your ride with Uber.

We wrote an in-depth guide that has the best codes available for new customers.

These codes are listed in this guide and are just a short scroll down.

4. Lyft Hack: Get a Free Ride

Lyft promo code hero 700x280 - Uber Promo Codes for Free Rides 2020 Guide

Lyft has one of the most compelling new user offers in the rideshare market.

In select cities, you could grab up to $50 in ride credit.

Many people have been switching from Uber to Lyft for a variety of reasons.

If you want to see some of the reasons people switch then check out our Lyft vs Uber comparison.

If you have never used Lyft in the past then go to our Lyft promo code guide and grab yourself a promo code.

There are many other Lyft hacks available so keep on reading!

5. Uber Ride Pass

Uber offers a ride pass for $24.99 which includes 3 major features.

  • Get price protection on all rides regardless of traffic or time of day
  • Save up to 15% on every ride
  • Get a JUMP bike or scooter for 30 minutes free each day (limited-time)

This helps lower the cost of frequent Uber passengers.

6. Uber Rewards

If you join Uber Rewards you can unlock new benefits and discounts for existing users.

All you need to do is download the latest version of the Uber app and sign up in just a few taps.

Earn Points, Get Rewards

With Uber Rewards, earn points with every eligible dollar spent on rides and Uber Eats orders.

Points add up to money-saving rewards and new benefits.

Unlock flexible cancellations with Gold, priority pickups at airports with Platinum, complimentary upgrades with Diamond, and more.

Uber Reward Membership Levels & Benefits

Each reward membership level can be unlocked for Using Uber services.

Here is a complete breakdown of the benefits you stand to gain just from being an Uber customer.

Blue: Unlock at 0 points
Gold: Unlock at 500 points
Platinum: Unlock at 2,500 points
Diamond: Unlock at 7,500 points

Learn more about Uber Rewards here.

How to Earn Uber Reward Points

Each time you spend money with Uber or UberEats you score points.

Here is a breakdown on how you may earn the points:

1x – 1 point per eligible $1 on UberPool and Uber Eats
2x – 2 points per eligible $1 on UberX and UberXL
3x – 3 points per eligible $1 on Black and Black SUV

7. Uber Cash: Get up to 5% Off Rides

Uber cash payments 700x275 - Uber Promo Codes for Free Rides 2020 Guide

Uber cash gives you a discount when you deposit funds into your Uber account.

You can purchase Uber cash by going here:

  1. Open Uber App
  2. Go to Menu in the upper left of the app
  3. Click menu option “Payment”
  4. Add Funds

Funding options include:

  • $25 Uber Cash for $24.50 (2% off)
  • $50 Uber Cash for $48.50 (3% off)
  • $100 Uber Cash for $95 (5% off)

Purchased funds don’t expire, are nontransferable, and can be used on trips and with Uber Eats.

Get more information about Uber cash here.

8. Uber Gift Cards

Purchase gift cards for Uber at a discounted rate.  This will allow you to save money on your rides.  Some gift card websites offer as much as 2-5% off on gift card purchases.

9. Credit Card Rewards

We have a complete list of credit cards that will help you save on your Uber rides.  The official Uber Visa offers some of the best savings for rideshare in the industry.  While other top cards include American Express, Chase Sapphire, Captial One, and Discover.

Official Uber Visa Credit Card

  • 10,000 bonus points when you spend $500 in the first 90 days
  • Up to $50 credit for online subscriptions when you spend $5,000 in a year
  • Up to $600 in mobile phone insurance when you pay with your card

All Visa Credit Cards

  • Visa Local Offers – Earn up to $100 in Uber credits with purchases at select merchants

All American Express credit cards

  • $30 discount on your first Uber ride when you pay with an Amex card

American Express Platinum card

  • Up to $200 in annual Uber credits

Chase Sapphire Reserve

  • $300 annual travel credit usable for Uber
  • 3 points per $1 on Uber purchases: Uber purchases count as travel

Barclaycard Arrival Plus

  • 2% back on Uber purchases:  Uber rides are eligible for travel statement credits

Capital One Venture

  • 2% back on Uber purchases:  Uber rides are eligible for travel statement credits

Citi ThankYou Premier

  • 3 points per $1 on Uber purchases: Uber purchases count as travel

All Chase Credit Cards

  • 5% cashback when transportation is included as a quarterly bonus category

All Discover Card

  • 5% cashback when transportation is included as a quarterly bonus category


How to Get Free Uber with American Express (New or Current Users)

Amex member?

More good news!

If you use an American Express credit card and have enrolled in the Membership Rewards program that earns you reward points, you will be glad to know that you can pay for your ride using your AMEX points.

Link your American Express card to your Uber account by signing into

Set up the American Express card as a payment method on the app before or during a ride to be able to use the points to pay your fare.

It is as simple as that.

10. Uber Student Discount

Currently Uber does not offer a discount for students.  They used to have a program for college students to save at West Coast universities.  If they do any student discounts in the future we’ll update this section to reflect that information.

11. Uber Military Discount

Uber supports military veterans with special pricing and promotions on rides.  You’ll need to verify your military status and apply for the program here.

12. Uber Business Discount

Uber has low-cost corporate business travel options for small and large businesses.  For more information on how to set up a business account with Uber go here.

Another new feature that Uber recently rolled out is called Uber vouchers.  This allows companies to prepay for a discount or free ride for an event.  Learn more about Uber vouchers here.

13. Uber Newsletter Emails

uber venmo deal 700x298 - Uber Promo Codes for Free Rides 2020 Guide

Occasionally Uber will email you special deals and discounts on rides that are sponsored by other companies.

40% off your next 5 rides with Venmo.

Up to $10 per ride when you pay with Venmo.

Just make sure you have the Venmo app installed and add Venmo as your payment method in the Uber app.

Offer is valid from 05/06/2019 6:00 am ET through 05/13/2019 at 6:00 am ET in the U.S. when using Venmo as a payment method on Uber.

The discount is automatically applied.

Cannot be combined with other promotions or offers.

Any unused portion of the maximum $10 per trip discount for an eligible trip will not carry over to your next eligible trip.

Find out more about the Venmo and Uber deal here.

If you wish to unsubscribe from emails for Uber you may do so here.

14. Uber Offers & Special Deals

Throughout the year Uber has special promotions for various events and holidays.

Occasionally they will have special limited-time offers for new and existing users to cash in on some ride savings.

Some of these events and holidays include St. Patrick’s Day, Election Day, New Year’s Eve, Superbowl Sunday, Mothers Day, etc.

15. Invite a Friend or Share a Ride

By inviting a friend or family member that has never used Uber before you can get $5 ride credit towards your next ride.

It’s pretty easy to find a friend or member of your family that has not tried the service.

You can refer this person within the Uber app.

How Do Uber Promotions Work?

Free first ride promotions are great!

But how do these codes work?

How Do Uber Promo Codes Work?

We’ve broken it down for you in our how Uber promo codes work guide.

Anything we may not have covered may also be in the FAQ section at the end.

Basically, most promotions for Uber are for new customers that wish to try out the service.

However, occasionally Uber promo codes for new users may play a role in getting you a cool discount on the service.

How to Add a Promo Code to Your Account

These step by step pictures and directions will help you navigate the Uber app and successfully add a promotional code to your account.

First-time users will want to use promo grab a promo code from our full list below when they reach step 4.

  1. Click the Menu Button (3 lines in the top left)
  2. Select the ‘Payment’ Menu Option
  3. Select ‘Add Promo/Gift Code’ from the Payment Screen
  4. Enter A Promo Code and Click Add

Now you have should see the promotional offer available for use on the payment screen.

This credit will be used first before charging your payment method.

Enjoy your discount and make sure to rate your driver after the ride.  You may even optional tip them for excellent service.

Does Uber Credit Roll Over?

Uber credits are only good for one ride only.


Any unused credit doesn’t ‘roll over’ to your next ride.

So make sure to use it all on a long ride the first time!

Uber First Ride Free for New Users

How exactly do new user Uber promo codes work?


Companies like Uber thrive on repeat business.

That is, after all, how they make their money.

Half of the battle is simply getting people to try a new service.

So why not offer it free the first time?

That’s how they get repeat business, and how they’ve managed to grow such an empire.

Here are a few codes to get you that awesome first ride code if you’re a new customer.

Updated: The following codes below are verified and current for 2023!

First, get the free Uber app for Apple iOS (iPhone) or Android (Samsung, Google, LG, HTC, etc.) smartphones.

Lyft credit amounts may vary based on location.

Free Uber Credit from Referring a Friend

How do the codes work when I refer a friend?


They’re very similar to the way new user codes work.

You refer someone by giving them your referral code.

They enter it as a new customer code.

This gives them their first free ride!

What about you?

Your credit is automatically entered into your account when they complete their first ride.


Saving Uber Credit for Later

What if I’m a new user, but I don’t want to use my credit yet?

Thankfully, Uber understands this struggle.

You want to get the most of your credit, right?

What if your first trip with Uber is a short one?

You can save your credit for a better ride.

You can enable and disable credits on your account.

It’s easy.

When you’re selecting your payment method, check out the green credits box.

You can do this before or during a trip.

Toggle ‘Apply Credits’ off if you want to save it.

Be sure to switch it back on when you want to use it!

What Kind of Ride Can You Get With an Uber Promotion?

Use the first ride free promotion and choose from multiple trip options tailored to your needs.

These include anything from a basic economy car to a luxury sedan.

Uber also offers rides in larger vehicles for groups.

These also vary in style from basic to luxury.

Decisions, decisions.

What Kinds of Cars Does Uber Use?

With plenty of variety, there is something for everyone when it comes to Uber.

Their ride options include:

UberX – This is the lower-cost option and the most common.

UberXL – This is an option that offers low-cost rides for large groups.

UberSELECT – This is a step above the UberX, according to Uber.

UberBLACK – This is the original Uber and goes a step beyond the PLUS.

UberSUV – This is a high-end ride with professional drivers specifically for large groups up to 6 people.

UberLUX – This is the ultimate luxury option.

UberPOOL – This is a carpool option, driven by an Uber driver.

UberTAXI – This requests an everyday taxi with an agreement with Uber.

UberWAV – Affordable rides in wheelchair-access vehicles.

Once you’ve indicated which ride you’d like to use, you’re set to go.

Just enter the coupon then request a ride, and you’re off!

$60+ in Cash for Uber Rides

IMPORTANT: Want to save even more on Uber rides?  Get $10+ in cash for Uber rides with our Freebird promotion guide.

Uber Promo Codes for New Users in 2023

UBER Promo Codes for New Users First Time

You can grab an Uber promo code to save yourself some money on their convenient ridesharing service.

Wondering where to get such an Uber code?

You’re in luck!

We’ve completed the research for you and have found some great, active Uber coupons to use for ride credit.

All of the following premium coupon codes have been verified for 2023.

They are all current and active, so save away!

But first, get the free Uber App for Apple iOS (iPhone) or Android (Samsung, Google, LG, HTC, etc) smartphones.

Promo CodeCredit AmountTerms & Conditions
UBERVIP3$30 DiscountFirst Ride Only
NEWRIDER25$25 Discount$2.50 off each of your first 10 trips
MGMGRAND2$20 DiscountFirst Ride Only
CIRCUSCIRCUS2$20 DiscountFirst Ride Only
NEWRIDER15$15 Discount$5 off each of your first 3 trips
Are You An Existing Uber User?

If you’ve already used up the 1st free ride promo then we suggest use $50 Lyft Code: SHYFT.

Where Can You Use Your Discount Code?

Uber is available in over 600 cities around the world.  Our new passenger codes are valid in any U.S. city in which Uber accepts rides.  Popular U.S. cities include NYC, D.C., Boston, Dallas, Denver, Atlanta, SF, Phoenix, Chicago, and San Diego. While they started out in larger cities, many smaller cities are now being added to Uber’s portfolio.

For a more detailed list of cities visit

Using Your Uber Code at the Airport

Looking to use your first ride on your way to the airport?

You’re in luck!

Uber is now operating in several U.S. airports.  Promotions can be used either with departing or arriving flights.

Why Do I Want an Uber Promo?

Why should I use an Uber coupon?

Well, everyone likes to try things free for the first time.

And trying this service could lead to you finding a solution to a lot of everyday hassles.

You may love it and end up using it all the time.

Uber offers solutions to our society’s transportation problems, which include Uber for Business (rides to/from work). Rideshare is a great solution when needing transportation on vacation as well.

Even for every day, Uber is an affordable option for those without a personal vehicle.

Especially for those living in the major cities, getting a ride to work, school, or meetings and such is so much less of a hassle when it comes to traffic and congestion, not to mention stress.

Tips for Using Your First Free Uber Ride Code

Looking for tips, tricks, and hacks for getting the most of your first ride?

Look no further.  We’ve got you covered.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • The ride credit will be used first before any personal form of payment is used.
  • Enter the code before you request your first ride to ensure the free credit will be valid towards that ride.
  • We recommend using the credit within 14 days of entering the code into the app.
  • After using your new user code for Uber, go ahead and download the Lyft app either as a backup plan or to compare services. This company is similar to Uber and also offers promo codes for new customers.
  • Be sure to use your credit on a longer ride.  Don’t let any unused credit go to waste!
  • Don’t lose hope of a ride for free if you’re a current customer!  We have some ideas below on how to continue getting ride credits.

When to Use Your Uber Ride

So, you’ve got ride credit waiting to be used.  When should you use it?

We have some ideas on when to use your Uber promo code to get the most of your credit:

  • When you need a sober ride home (save it for a night out with friends, family, or coworkers).
  • Your car broke down (or another car-related emergency).
  • You’re late for work or school (public transportation takes a lot longer than an Uber ride).
  • On vacation?  Use rideshare to get around instead of renting a car.
  • Don’t like to drive?  Particularly in major cities, driving can be a hassle.  You can be a passenger instead!

What About Uber Promo Codes for Current Customers?

UBER Promo Codes for Existing Users

So, you’ve gone and used up your new user credits, and now you want a discount on your ride, right?

Don’t worry; you’re certainly not the only rider on the hunt for these elusive uber promo codes.

In fact, Uber has become the most popular rideshare company by winning the loyalty of its customers.

No other company releases as many new promotions for new users as they do.

But for current customers?

Unfortunately, Uber promo credits, codes and coupons for current customers may not be as common or as attractive as those for first-time users.

If you have been with the rideshare giant for a while, you don’t get as many straightforward opportunities for credits.

But while daily deal discounts and other present user promos may be a thing of the past, that’s not to say that they’ve forgotten about the regular rider.

Albeit few and far between, the company sometimes runs promotions to help save continuing users some money.

You can catch some great offers on special occasions, holidays, New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s, as well as private events with coupon codes attached to them.

So basically, it boils down to good news and bad news…

The Bad News

At this time, unfortunately, there are not any active codes for current customers; the only promotional codes currently active are for users new to the service.

If you haven’t used this convenient service yet, then by all means, you are eligible to receive a $10 ride credit just for downloading the app and requesting your first ride.

The Uber promo code to use in this situation is: UBERVIP3.

Or use $50 Lyft Promotion Code: SHYFT.

The Good News

Even if you have already used up your first ride credit or have used Uber previously, there are still methods in which you can save some money with uber codes for existing customers.

Utilize credit codes with another ridesharing service such as Lyft without putting in too much effort, for instance.

Go ahead and scroll through this page to find the premium codes from Lyft and how to take full advantage of this type of savings discount.

However…here are some ways in which ongoing users may use free rides as well.

How you may ask?

Our recommended method is to use a new user promo code for Lyft to get a ride at zero cost.

Don’t forget about the Uber referral program.

UBER Promo Code After the First Ride

After using your first user Uber promo code, you don’t have to wait around for that magical offer from Uber.

Being an old user for Uber simply means you have already signed up for the service and taken a ride.

Again, all you need here is street smarts and a lot of friends to take advantage.

Similarly, there are also plenty of rideshare company alternatives you could turn to for more offers and freebies.

There are no quick uber codes for current customers at the moment, however, we do any effective ways to score uber discounts.

Let’s check out the first method.

Ride with a New User

While this is without question one of the most effective ways to save money on rides after your first ride, most users probably wouldn’t think of it.

We already talked about how referring a new user gets you both ride credits.

It doesn’t stop there.

More often than not, a new user downloading the app does so when looking to grab a ride right there and then.

So, when your friends, family, and workmates take their first ride to a destination of interest, just hop in the car with them.

After all, a free or heavily discounted ride for them equals a totally free ride for you.

The great thing about this here technique is that there’s no set limit as to how many people can use the ride or how many times you can repeat it.

Other Uber Discounts & Great Deals for Current Users

You’re in the right place.

other uber codes and great deals for current users

Besides the new user promo, how else can you save on rideshare?

Don’t lose hope.

There are ways!

Uber has partnerships with a couple of companies that could save you money simply by changing your payment method.


Don’t forget about the competition.

And…We also need to remember their referral program!

Read on for more information about saving money on Uber.

There are deals for you to take advantage of if you’re looking to make your Uber dollar go further.

If you need an Uber discount then read on to discover more about how you can earn free Uber credits.

Uber Rewards Program

If you join Uber Rewards you can unlock new benefits and discounts for new and current customers.

Uber rewards 700x231 - Uber Promo Codes for Free Rides 2020 Guide

All you need to do is download the latest version of the Uber app and sign up in just a few taps.

If you want to learn more about the Uber rewards program check out our 15 ways to get a free Uber ride and discounts.

Current 2023 Uber Credit Card Promotions

Here are all the ways you can save money while utilizing credit card offers to save on your Uber rides.

If you have an Uber, any Visa, Amex, Amex Platinum, Chase Sapphire Reserve, Barclaycard Arrival Plus, Capital One Venture, or Citi Thank You Premier credit card then you have a great opportunity to turn your trip fees into rewards or cashback each time you hail an Uber.

The following cards have promotions for rideshare services.

  • Official Uber Visa Credit Card
  • All Visa Credit Cards
  • All American Express credit cards
  • American Express Platinum card
  • Chase Sapphire Reserve
  • Barclaycard Arrival Plus
  • Capital One Venture
  • Citi ThankYou Premier
  • All Chase Credit Cards
  • All Discover Card

Use a Lyft Promo Code

If you’ve used up your Uber code, you may want to check out some other ridesharing companies such as Lyft.

Good news!

These services offer free credit promos for new riders to the app.

A Lyft promo code is essentially an Uber promo code for existing users.

It never hurts to see what else is out there and just maybe you’ll discover you like the competition better.

Promo CodeCredit AmountTerms & Conditions
SHYFTUp to $50First Ride Only, May Vary Based On Location
RYDERUp to $50First Ride Only, May Vary Based On Location
SHYFTUp to $50First Ride Only, May Vary Based On Location
GLOWUp to $50First Ride Only, May Vary Based On Location
CREDYTUp to $50First Ride Only, May Vary Based On Location
FLOWUp to $50First Ride Only, May Vary Based On Location
SOARUp to $50First Ride Only, May Vary Based On Location
KICKUp to $50First Ride Only, May Vary Based On Location
CLASSYUp to $50First Ride Only, May Vary Based On Location
STYLEUp to $50First Ride Only, May Vary Based On Location
JUMPUp to $50First Ride Only, May Vary Based On Location

Lyft credit amounts may vary based on location.

Lyft Promo Codes Current List

After Using Your First Discount

What to do after using up that first discount?

You can use any of the above methods to continue getting deals on your fares.

Whether you switch over to Lyft to grab a ride for free or refer your friends and family to Uber to gain referral credits, there are so many ways to save a little cash.

How to Enter a Free Uber Code

If you’re new to the service, Uber is incredibly easy to get set up with ride credit.

Just set up your account and enter a coupon specific for new people.

The first step: Download the Uber app which is available for iPhone (iOS 7 or newer), Android (Jelly Bean or newer), BlackBerry (BB OS 7 only), and Windows Phone 7.

New passengers can utilize an Uber promo for ride credit as covered in greater detail below.

How to Use a Promo Code for Uber

To enter a new user code, start by opening your Uber app.

Click the menu button in the top left.

Next, go to “Promotions” and click “Add Code” and type code to redeem your free rider credit.

Uber also provides helpful tips on how to use promo codes.

Additional instructions with more detail are provided below.

  • Once the app has been successfully downloaded, use the menu on the left-hand side to redeem a credit code under “Promotions.”
  • Next, enter your default payment option; this could be a credit card or debit card of your choice.  The purpose of this is to have some payment method on file to charge after the ride credit has been used. The charging is done electronically at the completion of the ride.
  • Just enter an Uber coupon code to load your Uber account with credit towards your first ride.

If these steps are not working for you, then we suggest reading our guide about where to redeem an Uber code for three alternative ways to enter the code.

Downloading the UBER AppDon’t even have the app yet? It’s easy to download. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

To download the app:

  • For iOS users, open the App Store.  Android users will open the Google Play Store.
  • Search for ‘Uber.’
  • Tap ‘Install.’  When the download is finished, an icon will appear on your home screen.
  • Tap the Uber icon to open it.
  • If you already have an account, tap ‘Sign In.’  If you’re a new customer, tap ‘Register.’  You can register using your Facebook or Google social profiles if you’d like.
  • Set up a default payment method.  Even if you’re using a promo to get one ride for free, this is necessary in case your trip costs more than the credit.

You’re all set!

How to Use Free Codes Without the App

Enter your code for Uber into the official website to redeem the free coupon. Once complete the credit should appear as available in your Uber app.

  • Sign-in to the rider account portal at
  • Click the “Promotions” link at the top of the page.
  • Type in a promotional code for Uber and click ‘Submit.’
  • Enjoy your first ride free of charge up to $10 in credit.

Uber Student Discount

Currently, there are no Uber student discounts available to college-goers.

Uber did run a limited-time student discount last year for select west coast schools but the promotions are currently expired.

Uber Military Discounts

Uber recognizes the men and women of service duty.  You can verify your military status with Uber and get special promotions and discounts.

You’ll need to verify your status with Uber by going here and following the instructions.

How to Get a Free Uber Ride Now

Whether you’re a new user or an old one, free is good, right?

Wondering how to get a free Uber ride?

How to Get a Free UBER Ride Now

There are a few ways. We’ve gone over a few of the best ones already.

In case you missed anything, we’ve included a recap below……along with more information on Uber’s excellent refer-a-friend program.

Uber Code for New Passengers

As far as how to get a promotion code for your first ride, that’s easy.

We’ve got them!

New riders can use any of our codes to get credit for their first pickup.

They are all verified, current, and they work.

You can only use one, of course. After that, you’ll have to be creative with ways to earn more credit (more on that further below).

Can I Get a Coupon If It’s Not My First Ride?

Already an Uber user?

Promo codes for Uber are typically only for new users.

But wait!

There are some methods for current Uber riders to gain ride credits.

Promotional Error Messages 101

Seldom is anything more frustrating than technology that doesn’t work as expected.

You’ve got this excellent promotion and are planning a ride for free, when…Error message.


Take a peek below at the most common reasons for these errors, and some ways to fix the issue.

Another Promotion Was Already Applied

This problem is the most common error message when dealing specifically with a promo code.

It’s self-explanatory.

This message means you’ve already used a new customer discount on your account.

Remember, these codes are available only once per account.

There isn’t any getting around this one, unfortunately.

Expired Uber Promotion Codes

This one also needs little explanation.

If you get this error message, your code has reached its expiration date.

There isn’t much you can do about this one either.

Uber doesn’t extend the life of promotion codes, so use them while they’re good!

This error often happens when someone enters a code into their account but waits too long to take their first ride.

Remember, once you enter your coupon code, you should use it within 14 days.

Want to see what credits you have?

Select ‘Promotions’ from the menu in your app.

You can view expiration dates and other details from here as well.

Error Message When Creating an Account

What if you can’t even get your account set up, let alone get your code in there?

The most likely issue is a connectivity problem with the sign-up server.

You could also have this issue with particular email address names.


The best course of action here is to contact Uber support.

Uber Referral Code Program

So how does Uber’s referral program work?

It’s simple.

You recommend Uber to a friend, family member, coworker, or any other person.

When they decide to take their first ride for free, you’ll get a ride credit as well!

And you can refer as many people as you want. Just make sure they enter your invite code into their app before taking their first ride, and you’re golden.

For a much more in-depth look at the refer-a-friend program, check out our Uber referral code guide.

How to Change Your Uber Invite Code

Invite codes are generated automatically.

Why not customize it?

Here’s how:

  •  Select ‘Profile’ from the menu.
  • Tap ‘Customize’ in the ‘Invite Code’ section.
  • Enter your desired code.
  • Tap ‘Claim.’
  • A suffix may be added just to keep your code secure and unique.

How to Continue Getting Free Uber Credit

You can refer as many people as you want to Uber!

This is something they encourage, because the more customers they have, the better. There are a few rules, of course.

You can share it personally with anyone.

This goes for family, friends, coworkers, or even random people.

You could share your code with the barista at your morning coffee stop, or the guy you pay for parking every morning or whomever you come into contact with.

You cannot, however, share your invite code online or anywhere where you are not the primary content owner.

This means you can share it on Facebook or other social media sites, but not other blogs or coupon sharing sites in which you do not own the content.

So share away!

For the official explanation of the rules, check out Uber’s referral rules.

Uber Promotion FAQs

Are the Uber codes for $50 or $30 credit still available?

Unfortunately, no, at this time there is not a $50 or $30 credit code for Uber.

What about the Uber credit for $10, $15.  Is that Uber code still active?

The only promotion active is $2 off your first 5 rides for new users only.

What if I’m an existing user?  Can I still use a code for Uber?

At this time, only new users can access the current Uber promo.  However, if you haven’t tried Lyft yet, they have new user promotions as well.  A Lyft promo code is listed above this section for money off your first ride.

If I don’t use all of my free ride credit can I use the remaining credit on my next ride?

No, credits for new customers are valid for the first ride only.

Can I choose when to apply a promotion to a ride?

Yes.  The promotion will automatically be applied towards your first ride unless you specifically toggle the credit to ‘off’ and restore it to ‘on’ when you’d like to use it.  Detailed instructions can be found in the above article.

Can I check how much my fare will be before requesting a ride?

Yes!  Uber’s fare estimate feature allows this.  Simply set your pickup location and enter a destination.  Tap ‘Fare Quote’ on your screen and the app will calculate an approximate expected fare based on the time and distance it estimates for your ride.

Do I need to tip my Uber driver?

It isn’t necessary to tip your driver, as there is a service charge included in your fare.  You are not required to tip in cash, but if you would like to tip make sure to ask your driver first. Uber does not make cashless tips possible at this time.

Is Uber free for the first ride?

There are multiple valid codes for new passengers to get their first ride credit.  We’ll keep this page updated with new ones as they become available.  Keep in mind; these promotion codes are only valid for your first rideshare.

How do you get Uber free the first time?

Enter the credit code before you request your first ride to ensure the coupon code will be valid towards that ride.  You must use the credit within 30 days of entering the Uber code into the app.

How do you use a ride for free on Uber?

Well, the allure of Uber is that everything in their system is done electronically.  So, when you have credit, it will be automatically used first rather than you being charged with your default payment method.  If your total fare ends up being more than the amount of your free ride credit, then you will be charged the difference.  You can track your fare using the Uber app during a trip.

How do I use my Uber promotion code?

Once the app has been successfully downloaded, use the menu on the left-hand side to enter a promotional code under ‘Promotions.’  A list of active promotional codes is available throughout the article above for your convenience.  Next, enter your default payment option; this could be a credit card or debit card of your choice.

Is it safe to use Uber?

Yes, all drivers have a complete background check performed on them.  However, we suggest that you verify the license plate number of the driver with the one shown in the app to confirm you’re getting in the right car.  Always share your ride information with someone close to you so that they know the license plate number and your expected arrival time in case something goes wrong.

May I see my passenger rating for individual rides?

A rider may only see their overall rating for all trips but not from each individual ride.

May a driver see the rating I give them before rating me as a passenger?

Drivers must provide a rating before seeing how much of a tip you have provided for that ride.  This protects you from drivers’ ratings based on the tipping amount.  However, if you give your driver a cash tip then the driver would know how much of a tip you have provided prior to rating you as a passenger.

I downloaded Lyft as an alternative.  How do I use my free Lyft ride?

Using a Lyft promo code is super easy, and you can activate it in a couple of quick steps.

  1. Download the Lyft smartphone app.
  2. Create an account & log in.
  3. Open the ‘Settings’ menu (upper left).
  4. Enter a credit code in the ‘Add Promo Code’ field.
  5. Click ‘Apply.’

Do promotional codes work for current uber customers?

They do not work if you’ve already used a promotion on your account.

How do I Utilize My Credits on Uber?

Simply, by signing into your app and inputting the requested discount code.

Once you do that, Uber conducts all other operations electronically.

If your credits are in the form of a coupon promo, Uber uses that automatically even before calculating the charge on your default payment.

However, if the fare is more that the free ride amount, you will still have to cough up the extra cash.

Why Isn’t My Invite Code Working for Some New Riders?

As the referral program states, it can only be used by those who are new to the platform.

That said, your invite code will be rendered ineffective in any of the following scenarios.

One, the promo code will not work if the person you referred has already completed a trip.

Secondly, they don’t even need to have completed a journey, just starting an Uber trip in the first place is enough to count as a first ride.

In both cases, your invite code will not apply nor will you get a free trip.

Why Was I Banned from Uber The Referral Program?

Uber encourages as much sharing of your invite codes as possible.

There are actually some people going about things the wrong way.

Their policy clearly states that current users should not share their codes through avenues like paid advertising, public coupon sites or similar methods.

Doing so will only put you at a higher risk of getting banned from the passenger referral program.