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Uber Airport Pickup & Drop Off Guide


Pickup & Drop Off

Getting picked up or dropped off when using Uber airport ridesharing services is a fast and inexpensive way to commute to and from the airport.

Not all airports currently allow rideshare companies to make pick ups or drop offs.  In some cities, rideshare drivers are being ticketed for pick-ups at local airports.

Good news!

We’ve done the research for you.

Below is a good chunk of information about utilizing Uber airport to and from select locations around the U.S.

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Uber LAX Airport


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Uber to LAX

If you’ve got a flight in L.A. and are wondering what the best method of transportation may be, you’re in luck.

Taking a Uber to LAX is your best bet.

Why, you say?

First, the time it will take for a Uber ride to pick you up will be much quicker than waiting for a taxi.

Also, the fares are almost always less than those of taxi cab companies.  Even during surge pricing times, prices are comparable.

Most importantly…

The experience is much more convenient with a rideshare.  You don’t need cash, as the payment is taken care of automatically through the app.

Lastly, the pickup process is much smoother and hassle-free with Uber.

Their GPS system allows you to know exactly when your driver will arrive to pick you up, versus the hassle of waiting for a taxi and not knowing when – or if – it will show up.

Uber from LAX

If you’re fresh off a plane at the Los Angeles International Airport and are looking for a ride to wherever you’re going, consider taking a Uber to save yourself some time and stress.


Absolutely.  Uber provides pickups from LAX to a variety of destinations for a flat-rate charge depending on the distance.

Currently, you can get a Uber from LAX to Santa Monica, Brentwood, Westwood, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Downtown, Hollywood, San Diego, Palm Springs, and even Las Vegas!

There are UberBlack and UberSUV options for these destinations ranging from flat rates of $59 to $799.

A surcharge of only $5 will be added to your fare for the convenience of being picked up by Uber from LAX.

More Information on Uber in Los Angeles Airports

Uber at LAX Airport

The landscape for ridesharing companies such as Uber is changing quickly at airports such as LAX.

Currently, Uber is allowed to do dropoffs from any of their service segments (UberX, UberBlack, UberSUV, etc.) at airports.

However, their ability to do pickups is currently restricted to their higher-end services of UberBlack and UberSUV.

Good news!

This summer, the regulations for Uber at LAX will be loosened to allow for their entire service offerings to be available to users looking for a pickup.

Uber LAX Airport Rates


Uber SFO Airport


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Uber to SFO

Are you taking a flight out of San Francisco and looking for the easiest way to get there?

You’ll be pleased to hear that you can take a Uber to SFO for maximum convenience, and a virtually hassle-free experience compared to the usual rigamarole of hailing a cab.

Just download the app and enter a payment method.

It gets better…

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Uber from SFO

If you’ve just landed in San Francisco and need to take a Uber from SFO, you’re in luck.

The surcharge of only $3.85 is less than that of most cab companies.

They offer rides from either their UberBlack or UberSUV services, with flat rates from $65 to $105.

It’s easy!

Once you’ve collected your baggage, request your ride and it will arrive within minutes outside in the pickup area.

You can get to Palo Alto or anywhere around the San Francisco Bay Area in stylish and convenient fashion.

More Information on Uber in San Francisco Airports

Uber at SFO

If you were wondering if it was legal to grab a ride from Uber at SFO due to all of the recent talk about rideshare companies being allowed to do pickups there, there is good news.

As of November 2014, the San Francisco International Airport has inked deals with both Uber and Lyft to allow such business.

Each airport has its rules and regulations, so you’re in luck if you’re flying into SFO because they’re on top of the trend.

Uber SFO Airport Rates


Uber JFK Airport


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Uber to JFK

Flying out of NYC and don’t want to worry about how you’re getting to the airport?

Don’t worry!

Take a Uber to JFK to save yourself some time, money, and hassle.

Skip the bus or the train, and don’t worry about trying to drive yourself and pay for airport parking.

There’s more…

If you’re a new user to the Uber service, your first ride can be free!  Just take a peek below for Uber promo codes.

Uber from JFK

Are you looking for a quick ride after landing at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York?

Look no further than Uber!

Taking a Uber from JFK will only cost you a flat rate of between $60 and $500, and you can get to Manhattan, The Hamptons, or anywhere else in the New York City area.

More options…

Unlike many other airports, you have the option here to choose between UberX, UberXL, UberBlack, and UberSUV depending on what your needs are.

Also, you can skip the surcharge unless you’re headed to New Jersey (surcharge to NJ is $20).

Uber JFK to Manhattan

If you’re specifically in need of a Uber ride from JFK to Manhattan, they’ve got a flat rate just for you.

Flat rates range between $60 and $125 (ranging from UberX to UberSUV).

Be sure to call or text your driver after claiming your baggage to provide your exact location (terminal, door number, etc.)


Drivers cannot leave their cars unattended at airport terminals, so pickups are only available curbside.

Uber Manhattan to JFK

Fixed prices are available for those headed from Manhattan to JFK by using Uber.

UberX rides are just $60.  If you prefer to travel higher class, you can get a UberBlack for just $100.

If you’re traveling in a group, don’t fret.  You’re covered too!

UberXL flat rates are only $75, and the more luxury UberSUV is a flat $125.

Safe travels!

Uber JFK Airport Rates


More Information for Uber in New York Airports

Uber Airport Promo Code

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Updates for LAX

Just recently, the L.A. City Council gave ridesharing companies the green light to go ahead and operate in terms of both pickups and dropoffs at LAX.

Pending some contractual agreements with the airport itself, we could see these measures take effect soon!

Check out the full news story as it develops with the L.A. Times.