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What is Lyft and How Does it Work?

What Exactly is Lyft?

Lyft is a friendly, on-demand rideshare service.

It operates in conjunction with community drivers to deliver a successful platform that allows its users to request rides from the ease of a smartphone app.

What if you discovered a new friend every day?

And your phone replaced your car?

Lyft is the idea that people can be brought together through transportation.

The problem?

Today, 80% of seat belts on the road are empty, yet getting an affordable, convenient ride when you need one isn’t easy.

A solution!

With the Lyft smartphone app, you may immediately connect to friendly, reliable drivers from your community with a few taps and you’re off.

They run comprehensive background checks and vehicle inspections.

They also provide a million dollar liability insurance policy for the ultimate peace of mind.

Save money and get to where you need to go.

Meet a new friend along the way!

Maybe you went to the same school or you share similar interests.

Either way, let’s make our cities feel small again and use technology to bring us together, instead of apart.

Because getting around should be as easy as calling a friend.

How Does Lyft Work?

If you’ve never tried a rideshare service then now is your time to jump into the next generation of transportation technology.

If you have a smartphone you can simply download the app from the app store.

Go ahead and enter the Lyft promo code into the payment section for your first ride free.

If you’ve used Lyft before then you might want to use a Sidecar promo code and see what the competition is all about.

  • 1 free ride with $20 Lyft credit code: GYFTME

Lyft is more than just some ride to your destination.

It’s a way of life for many people because of the great company culture and the feeling you get when you jump in the front seat and get your first fistbump.

You immediately get that warm fuzzy feeling we call “Lyft love,” and it will continue to grow from that day on.

Find out what you’ve been missing with our what to expect on your first ride guide.

With ridesharing technology being fairly new to many people we have created a side by side comparison of the two most popular companies: Lyft vs Uber.