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How to Become an Uber Driver in 7 Simple Steps

Finding out how to become an Uber driver comes with a few questions such as…

  • What is an Uber Driver?
  • How do you become an Uber driver?
  • How much do Uber drivers make?
  • Where do I begin to fill out an Uber application?
  • What are the Uber driver requirements?
  • How to use the Uber driver app?

All of these questions and more are answered in detail in the article below.

How to Become an UBER Driver Guide

Are you ready to start the process of becoming a driver for Uber?

Then start by entering some basic information into this special online application to get started.

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1. Find Out What it Means to Be an UBER Driver

Uber drivers are independent contractors that own their own vehicle and insurance while driving on the rideshare smartphone application platform.

Many drivers work part-time or full-time positions to supplement their income.


Drive for Uber and you’ll have flexibility and the options to work at your own pace.

An Uber driver has the power to quit their job without 2 weeks notice but is also subject to being deactivated at any time if they do not perform up to company standards.

You have the ability to make as much as you want if you’re willing to work hard.[divider]

2. How to Become an UBER Driver

No matter your chosen career path, you can easily make money by driving for Uber.

Completely flexible scheduling.

Work when you can!

You can put in as few or as many hours as you choose.

Looking to get away from the dreary 9-5 life?

…or want a secondary or even just occasional income?

Driving for car-sharing services is a great way to achieve your financial goals.

According to a survey conducted by the company themselves, 97% of drivers are satisfied with the flexibility of their schedule.


Let’s say you want to be a full-time or part-time driver.

Begin the Uber application now and start earning  a great hourly rate!

How much do Uber drivers really make in [randomtext category=”year”]?  It can vary, of course.

In addition to driving for Uber, we also recommend becoming a Lyft Driver.[divider]

3. UBER Driver Application Process

No cost to sign up…

Provide your basic info, along with info about your car in the Uber application.


You’ll need to provide some documentation, of course.

Basic stuff.

They’ll let you know when you’re approved!

The Uber application is pretty straightforward and only takes about 5 minutes to complete.

Guess what?

They’ll also give you an iPhone to use.

It has the driver app pre-programmed, so you’re good to go.

Now you can hit the road![divider]

4. UBER Driver Requirements

Uber driver requirements are a list of things that you must meet or exceed to qualify.

First, you must pass a background check to qualify for the Uber requirements.

This process includes county, federal, and multi-state criminal background checks.

Of course, you must have a valid driver’s license…

…And valid registration for your vehicle.


The requirements state you must be age 21 or older.

If you need more help with vehicle questions then visit

UBER Car Requirements

The Uber car requirements state your car must be a model 2000 or newer.

In some cities, the driver requirements are 2005 or newer.

It varies, though, from city to city.

It’s recommended to drive a hybrid car for the cost-saving benefits but it’s not required.

Each service – UberX, UberSUV, UberBLACK, UberSELECT – all have their own specific Uber car requirements.

The UberX vehicle requirements are:

  1. Must seat a minimum of 4 passengers (4-door sedan).
  2. Model year 2001 or newer (varies by city).
  3. In-state plates.
  4. No taxis, marked or salvaged vehicles.
  5. Current registration (doesn’t have to be in your name).
  6. Must pass an Uber vehicle inspection.

The requirements for other car options are the same, with additional requirements based on the luxury level of the ride option.

UBER Car Requirements List


Pro Tip:  The requirements for becoming an Uber driver and driving for Lyft are very similar.  Each also has its own benefits and extra perks, so it is recommended to drive for both to make as much as possible out of your rideshare driving experience.  Plus, there are sign up bonuses for both (more on that below)!


5. How Much Do UBER Drivers Make?

Are you wondering…the amount of money Uber drivers are making?

Your pay as a rideshare driver completely depends on how many hours you choose to work.

How much do drivers for Uber make per hour?

Well, it varies.

So, if you’re wondering how much Uber drivers make part-time…

It’s up to you!

Part-time or full-time, it’s your choice for what you can make.

You earn money based on the rides you provide rather than an hourly rate.

Now there’s some incentive!


Uber driver pay is done via direct deposit on a weekly basis.

No more budgeting that paycheck to last two weeks or more.

Start an Uber application and make money on your own terms.

Check out this guide for more information about how to become a Lyft driver (you can do both, of course).

UBER Driver Bonus

Besides the high potential for hourly earning rates, you can also earn a hefty Uber driver bonus just for signing up!

Bonus amounts and criteria vary from city to city, of course.

These free cash bonuses can be a great income boost, especially if you were already looking at how to become an Uber driver anyways.

Uber’s driver referral program is a successful way to invite potential drivers to apply.

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6. Driving with UBER

Being an Uber driver is simple and fun.

Drive with Uber and have the freedom to work when you choose.


Even if you’re among the less tech-savvy of us, you’ll be fine.

These driving jobs can be rewarding and convenient.

Drive for UBER – How It Works

They will provide you with a phone, complete with the driver app.

Simply accept a ride when a request pops up, and get started!

Pick up your passenger and confirm your arrival.

The app will automatically charge the rider when the ride is completed.

When driving for Uber you can rate your riders after each ride.

Ratings range from one to five stars.

You won’t be paired again with a rider you’ve rated three stars or below.

Maintain an Active Account

Maintaining your account as active status is quite easy!

Just make sure to accept at least one trip every 30 days.

You can still drive as often as you’d like, of course.

This is just a minimum to make sure their fleet of drivers is active.

UBER Insurance Coverage

[wpipa id=”2321″]

The platform provides a very comprehensive insurance package to protect their drivers as well as their passengers.

Some of the benefits include:

$1 million of liability coverage per incident.

This is active from when a driver accepts a ride until it concludes.


$1 million of uninsured/underinsured motorist bodily injury coverage per incident.

When does this come into play?

An example:  If another motorist were to cause an accident with an UberX vehicle, but doesn’t carry adequate insurance.

This policy would cover any bodily injury to all occupants of the vehicle.


Contingent comprehensive and collision insurance.

What if I already have my own personal insurance?

In that case, this policy covers physical damage to that vehicle that occurs during a trip.

This would be up to the actual cash value of the vehicle, for any reason, with a $1,000 deductible.

In addition…

$50,000/$100,000/$25,000 of contingent coverage between trips.

This is an additional policy that covers Uber drivers during the time when they’re available but between trips.

Of course, being a contingent plan, this would only pay if the personal auto insurance declines or pays zero.

Metromile offers intriguing insurance which is tailored for rideshare drivers.

You may want to check out what they have to offer for Uber insurance.[divider]

7. UBER Driver App

Using the Uber driver app is essential if you want to drive with Uber.

This partner app is your portal to getting pickups and navigation instructions to your destination.

As a driver, you’ll have the option to accept or decline a ride for a variety of reasons.

You don’t want to decline to many rides because they may deactivate your account.

You need to treat passengers well if you want to get positive feedback and continue driving for Uber.

The Uber driver app is easy to use and understand after just a few pick-ups.[divider]

How to Become an UBER Driver Q&A

Everyone has questions!

Take a peek at some of these common ones, and we hope it helps.

If you have additional questions then we suggest visiting the official FAQ for drivers.

How is my rating calculated?

Following each completed trip, riders are given the opportunity to rate his or her experience out of five stars.  Your rating is comprised of an average of the last 500 ratings from completed trips.[divider]

How are my acceptance rates calculated?

This is a percentage of the number of rides you accept out of those that are sent to you while online in driver mode.  You should maintain a minimum of an 80% acceptance rate to keep your account active.[divider]

Can I use my own phone while driving for Uber, or do I have to use the one they provide for me?

Yes, you can use your own phone instead of Uber’s.  But make sure you return the device provided to avoid the monthly rental fee![divider]