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Lyft Referral Program Guide

Use your personal Lyft referral code to pass on the gift of Lyft by telling a friend about the Lyft service.

Lyft has revolutionized the transportation industry with exciting new technology that you’ll want to share with your friends and family.

Gift it!

Lyft helps many people just like you to save money while getting around quick and convenient.

What is a Lyft Referral?


A Lyft referral is when you tell someone about the Lyft service and recommend they try it out based on your recommendation.

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This is a powerful form of advertising for Lyft because word of mouth can have a big impact on brand awareness.

Usually when word of mouth happens it means the brand has become popular due to the success of the brand.

Love them?

If you are seriously impressed with a the Lyft brand, then you should tell your friends and family about this exciting new rideshare technology.

Best Lyft Referral Code

For those wanting to try this service, we have a verified Lyft code that is valid for new users.

Utilize the referral code for $20 in-app credit toward your first ride with the Lyft app.

It’s easy!

Make sure you sign up with Lyft using your real personal information and navigate to the “Payment” menu option.

Enter the Lyft referral code below.

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Using the Lyft Referral Program

The Lyft referral program was started to encourage current passengers to tell people close to them about Lyft.

You get the chance to tell someone a pretty cool story about how you hailed a ride from a few taps on your smartphone.


You get to boast about being picked up in a just a few minutes and then whisked away to your requested destination in no time at all.

Once you tell someone how the service helps you get around in your day-to-day life, others will likely want to see for themselves.

It’s a win-win.

The Lyft referral program is a win for the consumer and a win for Lyft, so take advantage of this great opportunity.


The Lyft referral code is your personal code that can be tracked back to your for Lyft referral credit.

Once you sign up for Lyft, you’re automatically assigned a referral code.

This unique identifier code can be given to anyone else that is a new customer to the Lyft platform.

You can locate your personal Lyft referral code by opening the Lyft app and navigating to the “invite friends” menu option.

The Lyft Referral Bonus is for a free ride worth up to $20 in credit.

If you wish to invite some to the Lyft app and you need a web address you may customize this Lyft referral link: code).

If you need more help or information visit the Lyft Referral Program support page.