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What to Expect on Your First Ride

approachHow Lyft ridesharing works

Lyft is a user- friendly application that was designed for all age groups. To request a ride, you just tap the big teal colored button. Within minutes, you will be hooked up with a friendly and safe driver from Lyft. After you are assigned a driver, you are able to track their movement and ETA using the app. You can also see the driver’s photo and the type of car they are driving. This ensures that you are able to identify who you are riding with. Moreover, the pink mustaches make Lyft drivers stand out. Once the driver has arrived, hop in the car and give them a fistbump. The signature fistbump aims at creating a good rapport with the driver and passenger. After your ride ends, Lyft makes a secure charge from your pre-entered card through the app. It eliminates the need to carry cash on your person. The passenger and driver have the right to rate each other after the ride. If either party rates the other with three stars or less, they will never be matched again.

What your first ride will look & feel like

arrivalThe first ride may feel a bit different if you are used to overly priced taxi drivers. The company welcomes you with a $10 credit that gives you a reasonable discount on your first ride. All cars are identified with the pink mustaches at the front of the car. Most of the customers and drivers are women, hence the pink color. When the driver arrives, expect them to give you a fistbump to signify friendliness. The rest of your journey should be fun as you interact with other passengers and the driver as well. Simply put, the experience is like taking off the day from work to go on an adventure.  With the free ride mentioned above you won’t have to worry about paying for your ride if the fare is under ten dollars.  The first step is learn how to download and use the app with our step by step guide.

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