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Split Lyft Ride Cost with Others


Technology continues to evolve in the transportation smartphone app sectors, and with such evolution, these apps have brought many conveniences to families and ordinary people like you and me.  Lyft has revealed their latest feature, aptly named Split Payments.  This brand new option will enable you to divvy up the total fare cost between others sharing the ride with you.   This has been a sticking point for many rideshare enthusiasts, because in the past it made very difficult to pay for a Lyft between friends or family.  In addition to this new tool, one way to ease the burden of cost when using the service is to utilize a Lyft coupon for a discount on your ride.

Now, when you go out for cocktails with friends, you are able to split the cost back home without having to flip the entire bill on one payment method.  I can see how this feature will be very helpful to college students and people who utilize ridesharing as a means for getting home safe after a night of drinking.  With these latest features, now is the best time to download the Lyft app and see what you’ve been missing.

This is what has to say about the new feature:

To start dividing and conquering, open the ride options menu and select ‘Split payment.’ Invite up to five friends from your Contacts list, then wait for them to accept the split in their app. It’s fast, secure, and super easy.